Does it fit my unique style? Is it cool, like me?


Nikon has always been cool.  It was back in the early 1980s and still is  today.  Now, Nikon has blended its iconic designsfrom the 70’s and 80’s, with 2021 technology that allows you to creates remarkable stills and video.  
Did you use Nikon in the 1980’s?   Do you remember the Nikon FM2 SLR film camera?  The black and silver body?  The simple dial configuration? The way it felt in your hands? Well, you’ll love the new Nikon Z fc.  It’s reminiscent of your Nikon FM2 SLR.
Are you a Nikon user under 50?  You will love the sturdy, compact and lightweight body and the retro look.  It feels great to shoot, performs brilliantly, and you can even customize it’s looks to suit your taste.  
Horn Photo likes to stay ahead of the game.  With that in mind…Here are answers to your seven questions that you have not thought to ask yet:

1. What will I love about the new Nikon Z fc?  

You will love it’s looks.  This may sound shallow and pretentious, and it is. You already know that if it’s a Nikon, it is technically advanced and has worthwhile features.  
So let’s talk more it’s visual appeal.
It has the perfect balance between the black and silver color elements.  It uses magnesium alloy that gives it it’s robustness.  You can choose to customize the color of your Z fc body from six Premium Exterior color options, enabling you to personalize your camera to further match your style.

2. Will it be easy for me to use?  

Yes!  It’s easy to use even if this is your very first mirrorless camera! And it has all of the advanced features that will satisfy the most experienced shooters.
The top of the Z fc’s body features three dials and a small window that displays the aperture.  The dials control shutter speed, exposure compensation and ISO.   No diving into complex menus just to take a picture or video.

3. What will the Nikon Z fc cost me?

It’s affordable!  The Nikon Z fc body is $959.95.  It’s also available with two lens options.  See our prices here:
Shot with the new Nikon Z fc Mirrorless Camera

4.  How will the Nikon Z fc make me a better photographer?

The Nikon Z fc may be fun to shoot, and feel great in your hands, but it’s packing a bunch of high tech features that make it easy to take amazing shots.  Here are just a few:
20.9 megapixel APS-C (DX) format sensor with the capability to record4K videos up to 30p.  
11 frames per second burst shooting. 
Focus:  209 Auto Focus (AF)points.  
The Z fc supports Eye-Detection AF and Animal-Detection AF while shooting stills and video.  The wide-area AF can also capture eyes and faces by limiting the focus area.  Plus, it can continuously focus on the eyes of the intended subject when there are several people or animals in the frame,and track the eyes of a pet that’s moving around!
For the first time in a Nikon Z series camera, the Z fc supports exposure compensation even in the AUTO mode. 

5. How low can I go?  Will I be able to take pictures in very low light?

You could practically shoot this camera in the bowels of a cave.  Perhaps that’s an exaggeration.
How does an ISO range of 100 to 51200 expandable up to 204800 sound to you?  If you are already a Nikon user,you know that it’s a top brand for low light photography.  The images shot at high ISOs come out sharp and clear. 

6. Will my videos look professional when I use my new Nikon Z fc?

Yes!  Make room on your mantle for the Oscar you will win for the videos shot with your Nikon Z fc.  It’s super easy to get outstanding videos with this camera.   Here are a few reasons why:
The Nikon Z fc uses the 209 point AF, eye-detection and animal detection AF in video modes as well as still modes.
It has a vari-angle monitor, so it’s easy to shoot from high angles, as well as vertical shooting from low angles.   
Slow motion video shooting is made easy by simply selecting an image size and frame rate. 
It works great as a web camera. 

7. Can I transfer my great pictures to my phone right from the camera?

You sure can.  The Nikon Z fc has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, and supports Nikon’s SnapBridge app for wireless image transfer to your phone.  
Plus, the Nikon Z fc along with the Nikon SnapBridge app, allows you to control the camera remotely from your phone or tablet.  It takes the frustration out of taking group pictures and selfies.  

What the Nikon Z fc cannot do:

It really cannot take pictures in the bowels of a cave without any light whatsoever.  We wrote that just for effect.  (Tip:  It’s best not to go into the bowels of a cave without a flashlight.)  
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