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Horn Photo’s photography classes will fill your brain with knowledge. Each two-hour session is packed with useful information to jumpstart your photography skills! To make learning easy and enjoyable, our instructors have created handouts tailored to each class, eliminating the need for note-taking. We encourage you to simply soak in the lessons, and ask any questions you may have during and after the class.  Our instructors will stay with you until all of your photography questions are answered.  

Our regularly scheduled classes:

  • Photography Basics Class
  • Composition

Occasionally, we offer photography classes presented by special guest instructors:

  • Landscape
  • Portraiture
  • AstroLandscape
  • Travel
  • Introduction to Videography
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Photography Class Schedule

Basic Photography Class

July 18th, 6:30 - 8:30 PM

with Jan Flanigan

Tickets are $45

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Photography Basics Class

Whether you’re new to photography or just want to better understand what makes a picture great, this class if for you. You will learn how to use your DLSR or mirrorless camera, no matter what brand you shoot.

This informative two-hour class will teach you the fundamentals of photography. It will give you the confidence to take your camera out of Auto Mode, and put it in Manual Mode. Manual Mode is where the photographic possibilities are endless, and where you can let your creativity take over!

You will learn how aperture (f/stop), shutter speed and ISO all work together to make the proper exposure. You will also learn how these three camera settings can be used creatively.

Clicking Caravan

A fun and FREE Photography Meetup!

Our next Clicking Caravan will be Friday, August 16th at the Fresno County Historical Museum at The Big Fresno Fairgrounds!

Horn Photo’s CLICKING CARAVAN is a fun free event for people who love photography. It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to photography or a seasoned professional photographer. All are welcome! We hire professional models to photograph, set up portable lighting, and have expert photographers available to assist beginners. Our events take place in different locations each time, so there’s lots of great backgrounds with interesting features to photograph. We love variety.

Follow our Eventbrite page for class and event alerts! We also post upcoming classes on our facebook and instagram pages.

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clicking caravan

Trade-In Trade-Up Events

Out next big Trade-In Trade-Up Event is August 23rd-25th! Check back soon for more info!

Photo Walks with Central Valley Camera Club

Thank you to everyone who attended the Photo Walk on June 8th! Horn Photo was proud to sponsor this community event by Central Valley Camera Club. Special thanks to Sony and One Putt Broadcasting for co-sponsoring the event with us!

Follow and @hornphoto on instagram to hear when the next Photo Walk will be!

DSLR Basics for Nikon and Canon Owners
DSLR Basics for Nikon and Canon Owners

Baffled by the buttons, dials and endless menus on your Digital Single Lens Reflex camera? That's understandable. It is a complex tool with a powerful computer. Learn the basics on how to use your Canon or Nikon DSLR. Bring your camera, as this is a hands-on class. Our expert will show you useful features, answer your questions, and help you with finding the right settings for you.

This class is offered twice a year.

Panasonic Tips and Tricks

Want to make the most out of your new Panasonic Lumix camera? Join us for this two-hour class presented by a professional photographer and Panasonic Lumix expert. Bring your camera, and follow along with the instructor as he shows you how to operate it. Gain more control of the way you want your images to look by taking your camera off of the automatic mode. The instructor will also demonstrate features that your new Lumix has that will astound and amaze you.

You will learn how to use the controls and menus to set up and shoot better photos. The instructor will cover shooting in different situations, using wi-fi to transfer the photos to your cell phone and hopefully answer all your questions about your new Panasonic Lumix Camera.

This class is offered three times a year.

Panasonic Tips and Tricks
Know your Nikon
Know your Nikon

In this class Nikon's professional photography instructor will show you the various settings on your Nikon digital camera, taking care to explain and show you how each mode works. By the time you leave this Nikon class, you'll know the difference between an f-stop and a bus stop; you'll learn how all of the different Nikon scene modes work; you'll learn how the Nikon interchangeable lenses work and how to use which Nikon lens for specific purposes; you'll learn about photography composition. Ultimately, you'll learn how to take better pictures with your Nikon DSLR camera.

This course is designed to specifically cover many of the buttons, menus and features of the Nikon DSLR cameras. During this informative class, you will discover things about your Nikon D-SLR that will help you take you picture creation to a whole new level.

So, if you are ready to unleash some of the power in your Nikon D-SLR, there can be no doubt that this is the class for you!

This class is offered once a year.

Canon Intro 101: Essential Functions of your EOS Camera

Enter the world of the EOS Digital SLR and learn about your camera and how to make great pictures. We will help you feel comfortable moving out of the "automatic" mode, so you can become more creative and really enhance your photographic expression.

You will see many examples of great photography and learn techniques that you can use to produce better imagery. We will also explore the different types of lenses and show examples of what they can do. Our Basic 101 Discovery Day class is part 1 in a module that focuses more on button location, terminology and lens options that control how an image looks.

During this class you will: Become familiar with the button layout and operation of your EOS camera, understand what the buttons and dials control and how they can affect your image. You will also learn how you can customize the "My Menu" feature to the settings you use the most.

The class will provide additional resources that Canon has to offer you along your photographic journey.

This class is offered once a year.

Canon Intro 101: Essential Functions of your EOS Camera
Canon 201 Intermediate - Creative Photography with the EOS system
Canon 201 Intermediate - Creative Photography with the EOS system

If you're a more experienced SLR user, this three-hour session is your ticket to learning about the more sophisticated features of your EOS camera. We'll take you to the next step in crafting great photographs, with details about the advanced controls in your camera and how to use them in real-life situations.

Many examples of great images bring the camera's features to life in this event. We'll demystify your camera's histogram, give details about lighting and exposure control, and show the power that the right lenses and EOS Speedlites can bring to your photography.

This class will show you advanced features on your camera, and how they can be used for great pictures. You'll earn creative techniques in composition, camera control, and flash with EOS Speedlites.

This class is offered once a year.

Sony a6000 Series Tips and Tricks

Learn how to take professional quality photos using your lightweight Sony mirrorless camera.

Experience creative tools inside the Sony Mirrorless Camera System that will change the way you take pictures! See just how easy it is to take panoramic photo and High Dynamic Range (HDR) photographs.

Sony's professional instructor will show you how to take exciting and interesting photographs! He will be diving into the A6000/6300/6500 cameras specifically showing you how to get the most out of your specific Sony.He will also show you the full range of lenses and accessories to go along with your new Sony Mirrorless Camera.

This class is offered three times a year.

Sony a6000 Series Tips and Tricks
Sony Full-frame Mirrorless System
Sony Full-frame Mirrorless System

Bring your full-frame Sony camera and spend time with the Sony professional instructor. Ever wonder how to organize your camera's operation and button layout? What is HDR, Eye-AF and silent shooting? Learn menu settings and tips to get the most out of your Sony camera! We will cover 14 specific features, but there will be time to ask your unique questions! Bring your cameras and we'll even show you how to use your cell photo to connect and take pictures remotely.

This class is offered once a year.

special classes

We offer special classes throughout the year as guest instructors become available. We cannot always predict what will be offered. In the past we have had classes in Portrait Photography, Pet Photography, Archiving, Landscape Photography and more. Keep watching our website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest information on all of our upcoming classes.

Questions? We would love to hear from you.

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