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A perfect choice for professional vloggers and all video creators!

The Sony ZV-E1 camera is the ultimate tool for vloggers who want to create their video content with a professional look.  With its cutting-edge features, this camera is designed to make your video recording experience as smooth and effortless as possible, delivering stunning image quality that will captivate your audience. This is a FULL-FRAME camera, yet it is lightweight and compact. With interchangeable lenses, you can achieve the look and feeling you dream of creating in your videos.

Check out these features of the Sony ZV-E1!

Superior subject tracking

Subject tracking is one of the many standout features of the Sony ZV E-1. This feature uses advanced artificial intelligence to track and follow your subject, ensuring that they remain in focus and sharp throughout your recording. This is especially useful for vloggers who are recording themselves while moving around, as the camera will automatically adjust it's focus to keep you in sharp focus.  

Unprecedented image stabilization technology

The Sony ZV-E1 is equipped with advanced stabilization technology that eliminates the need for using a gimbal, making it easier than ever to shoot steady, smooth footage without shakiness or blur. The Sony ZV-E1 will keep your video steady and sharp, giving your content a professional look and feel.

In camera crop feature that gives you the look of having a two-camera set-up

While the Sony ZV-E1 is on a tripod, you can use the unique frame and crop feature that will give your video the professional look of a two-camera set-up. With this mode, a single operator can stroll around within a wide-angle shot, without anyone behind the camera. You can easily switch from the wide angle to the cropped footage in your edited video.

S-Cinetone mode

The Sony ZV-E1 allows you to shoot with a 21:9 aspect ratio while in S-Cine mode, giving your video a full cinematic look. You can also select to shoot in a flat color profile enabling you to punch up your colors during editing. In addition, this camera shoots 10-bit 4:2:2 color.

Available May 4th - Pre-order yours today!

If you're a vlogger looking for a powerful, reliable camera that can help you create stunning video content, then the Sony ZV-E1 is definitely worth considering. They will be available on May 4th, and they will sell out fast! Make sure you secure yours by pre-ordering one at Horn Photo!

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