See the power of Canon's 100-500mm RF lens photographing Morro Rock


Watch the video as Horn Photo CEO Keegan Witte tries it out for the first time shooting Morro Rock from a turnout miles away. He is blown away by how it performs. You will see the images that Keegan shoots of Morro Rock with his 24-105mm lens, and with the 100-500mm lens. Check out the difference between all of the images, and how clear they are at 350mm and 500mm, then at 500mm using a crop sensor mode which brings the magnification to the equivalent of 800mm. All hand held!

See the difference! Images taken with the 24-105mm lens and the 100-500mm lens

Exploring the Canon 100-500mm Lens: Unveiling the Power of Telephoto Excellence

When it comes to photography, having the right equipment can make all the difference. If you're an avid photographer or even a professional, you've probably heard the buzz surrounding the Canon 100-500mm F4.5-7.1 RF lens. But what is it about this lens that has everyone talking? In this blog, we'll dive deep into the features and capabilities of the Canon 100-500mm lens, exploring why it's leaving photographers impressed and eager to capture stunning shots.
The compact and sturdy Canon 100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L Series RF lens

The Magic of the Canon 100-500mm Lens

The Canon 100-500mm lens is a high performance tool. With the power to bring distant subjects closer to your lens, it's a telephoto lens designed for versatility and quality. Horn Photo CEO Keegan Witte's firsthand experience shooting Morro Rock from a considerable distance is a testament to its capabilities. Let's explore the lens's features and understand why it's gaining admiration from photographers across the board.

1. Optical Image Stabilization

The Canon 100-500mm RF lens boasts optical image stabilization with up to 5 stops of shake correction. This is an absolute boon for capturing sharp images, even at the extreme end of the zoom range. No more worrying about camera shake ruining your shots – this lens has you covered.

2. Three Image Stabilization Modes

In addition to basic stabilization, this lens offers three different image stabilization modes for creative versatility. Whether you're capturing still subjects, panning to follow a moving subject, or need a mix of both, this lens has a mode to suit your needs.

3. High-Speed, Silent Autofocus:

The Canon 100-500mm lens features high-speed, smooth, and quiet autofocus, ensuring you won't miss that perfect moment. Whether you're tracking wildlife or capturing a fast-paced sporting event, this lens delivers consistent, precise focus.

4. Close Focusing Distance:

One of the lens's most impressive features is its ability to focus at a close distance of just under three feet. This means you can capture stunning details of your subject, even at the 500mm focal length. It's a feature that adds a new dimension to your photography.

5. Durability in Challenging Conditions:

This lens is constructed to withstand the elements. It's resistant to dirt, moisture, and oils, making it suitable for outdoor adventures. Its L-series construction ensures dust and weather resistance, providing reliability even in the harshest of conditions. You can confidently take it on your photographic journeys without hesitation.

Versatile Applications

The Canon 100-500mm lens offers a versatile focal length range, from 100mm to 500mm, making it perfect for sports, wildlife, and aviation photography. Whether you're capturing the grace of a bird in flight, the intensity of a sports match, or the majesty of wildlife in their natural habitat, this lens delivers. It maintains a compact, travel-ready size and weight, ensuring you're always prepared for that incredible shot.

Rent the Canon 100-500mm Lens

Excited to try out this remarkable lens for yourself? Good news! Horn Photo offers the Canon 100-500mm lens in their rental program. You can rent it for the weekend or a special sports event to experience its capabilities firsthand. Visit our rental program page to learn more and get ready to elevate your photography game.


The Canon 100-500mm F4.5-7.1 RF lens is a powerful tool that leaves photographers impressed for all the right reasons. With optical image stabilization, versatile image stabilization modes, close focusing, and durability in challenging conditions, it's a lens that offers both performance and reliability. Its versatility in applications, from wildlife to sports photography, makes it a must-have for photographers who want to capture stunning shots. Don't miss the chance to explore the world through the lens of the Canon 100-500mm – it's a journey worth taking.

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