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A Creative Solution

Do you plan on sending out cards for a special celebration or announcement?  Or - Would you like to have a supply of Thank You or Birthday Cards on hand so you don’t have to aimlessly browse through the card aisle at Target?  We have a simple and creative solution for you.  
Put your own photos on custom made cards.  We have helped customers make their own unique Photo Cards for decades.
Perfect for:  Graduations - Engagements -Weddings -  Baby Showers - Announcements- Thank You - Holidays - Baptisms - Celebrations - Invitations - Blank on the Inside - and more.  
It is so easy to create a unique photo greeting card.   If you can read this blog, then you can follow the prompts on the website to create your own card.  
Use our templates and create your cards at home, or come into the store and we will help you.
What if you don’t want to create a card?  We can do it for you.  Or you can even purchase your design from another website like Etsy, and we’ll print them at Horn Photo.

Here are answers to the seven most frequently asked questions we get about our Custom Photo Cards:

1. How do I create a Photo Card?

You’ll start with this link:

First, select what you are celebrating or announcing (Graduation, Thank You, Holiday,etc.).    
Then, choose the filters for your template, such as card size, format, orientation (horizontal or vertical), number of photos you want on the card.
This will take you to the template that you will use to create your Photo Card.
What if you say, “I don’t need no stinkin’ template!”
You can make a card from scratch! Here’s how:  
Follow this link, and simply choose your size and type (1-sided,2-sided, folded, etc.).  You will have a blank slate to work with.
Tip:  Make sure when you’re creating your own design, you extend your images all the way to the edge.   That way, when the cards are trimmed to size, there will be no chance of any white lines that you aren’t expecting.  However, don’t include anything you want visible outside of the trim lines. 
What if you say, “I have pictures, but I want someone else to create my card!”  We can help with a custom design! Do you want something different,but don’t really want to create it yourself? You can come into the store, and we can help you with a custom card.  There is a set-up fee of $50.  

2. How many photos can I put on the card?

There are many different options.  You will want to choose a template that has the right amount of spaces for photos.  Under “Filters” you can choose how many pictures you want on your card.  Card templates labeled “Freestyle” gives you the most options.  
Look at the orientation of your pictures.  Are they vertical, horizontal or square?  Or a combination?  You will want to match the style of card that you select with the orientation of the pictures that you have.
Tip:  People tend to want to pack as many photos on their cards as possible. However, keep in mind that too many pictures, while they look great on your computer’s big screen, will each be quite small crowded on to a 5x7 card.      

3. Can I change the color and font of the card?

It depends on the card you select.  Some of our cards are pre-set templates and you can’t change the color or font.  With other templates, you can.  How do you know?  The cards labeled “Freestyle back” give you more flexibility and allow you to change colors and font.   

4. Can I add clip art to the card?

When selecting the cards labeled “Freestyle back” or the select “Your Designs” option,you can add clip-art or PNG files that have a transparent background.

5. How much do Photo Cards cost?  

The price depends on what type of card you get, and how many you want.  Prices are listed on each template.
The more basic the card (flat card, one-sided), the less expensive.  The more you order, the less you’ll pay for each card.  Your final price will be listed when you finish creating your card and selecting your options.
Price include standard white envelopes. 
There are upgrade options:
Paper: The standard paper we use is Smooth Card Stock.  For an additional fee, you can upgrade to Textured Linen, Metallic Pearl and Fine Art Silk.   
Envelopes: Choose from a variety of colors and designs, along with fancy foil lining. 

6.  Can you print the card template that I bought online?    

Yes!  If you buy a JPG or PDF from another source, such as Etsy, we can print them for you.  Simply choose the “Your Designs” category, pick the size you want, then drag your design into the card.   Make sure your design fills the whole card, so choose a .125 bleed on each side.  That way, we will be able to print the card properly.

7.  How long does it take to receive the cards after I order them?

We are FAST!!!
Plan on receiving your cards in three to five days.  It may be sooner.
Custom Cards:  See it before it’s printed when we make your custom card! If you order a custom card created by Stan (our Photoshop Wizard), he will have a proof for you to look at within a day or two.  If you like what you see, our lab will print your cards in two days or less.  So, the sooner you come in, see the proof, and give us the nod, the sooner we will print your cards.

We cannot:

Reprint copy righted images
Provide return labels
Save you from the awkward humiliation of spelling someone’s name wrong
Important Advice from Horn Photo
CHECK YOUR SPELLING!  Otherwizeyore card well be a sorce of embarrassmint for manny years to come.
Thanks for reading! More questions? Email and I'll do my best to answer them.
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