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Shelly Grosz & Stan Grosz
Shelly Grosz & Stan Grosz
Owner & President

How does a cow expert and an Ag financial consultant end up creating the most successful camera store in the entire Central Valley? That's an excellent question. It has a good answer, but it would take way too long to explain.

Let's just say, that the cow expert, Stan, mixed his cow knowledge with his passion for photography, and became the nation's top cow photographer during the 70's and 80's (yes there is such a thing). Meanwhile, the financial consultant, Shelly, knew all about dollars and cents, making her a natural for the world of business. Together, they took a chance and bought Horn Photo, a camera store out on Belmont Avenue, that had been around since 1937.

They grew Horn Photo into what it is today. A 6000 square foot modern camera store with 23 employees. Not only are Stan and Shelly business partners, they are also partners in life. Married in 1982, they have two very successful grown children, Samantha and Sullivan. They also have a prize winning Great Dane, Charlie. You may not have recognized Samantha or Sullivan in the store, but surely you've recognized Charlie. He's the one with the four legs.

Ryan Watamura
Ryan Watamura
Camera Department Manager

"Our most experienced photographer and camera expert".

Ryan Watamura has seen plenty of changes in the photo industry, having been with Horn Photo for over twenty years. He finds the transition from film to digital photography has been amazing.

Also amazing, are Ryan's photographs. He specializes in…well in any type of photography. Landscapes, portraits, sports cars, extreme weather, the list goes on. Ryan knows how to capture breathtaking scenes. Check out some of his large images on the walls at Horn Photo.

Brandon Burt
Brandon Burt
Camera and Photo Specialist

“Happy 8th Birthday, Brandon.  Here’s your first camera!”

Those words shaped Brandon Burt’s life.  He has been passionate about photography and videography ever since Brandon got that first camera as a young child.  So much so that he went on to graduate from Fresno State with a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia and Communications.

Brandon’s primary interest is in videography and film making, however he also loves still photography.  His favorite subject is wildlife photography.  He loves the randomness that comes with capturing wild animals with his camera.  

You’ll find Brandon behind our camera counter.  He’s full of knowledge and experience.  But wait…There’s More!!!  He also has charisma, pizzazz, oomph and charm!  You will want to take him home with you, but you can’t because we need him at Horn Photo.

Emily Bunting
Emily Bunting
Camera Photo and Video Specialist

Landscape and Fine Arts Photographer with a University Degree from Hawaii

Emily Bunting was raised in our local foothills around Prather. She's been traipsing around nature and shooting pictures ever since she was 8 years old.  

Emily has a degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Management from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She loves hiking, camping, kayaking, scuba diving, and all things outdoors. Her love and respect of nature is exhibited through her spectacular fine art photographs. Check out her website and see what we mean! https://www.emilykathleenphoto.com/

Prior to working at Horn Photo, Emily was a substitute teacher.

Emily is married to an amazing guy named Matthew, and they have a scruffy mutt named Lily.

Come in and see Emily. She'd love to talk with you about photography, and hear about the places you love to go to take pictures.

David Lor
David Lor
Photo Expert

Interesting and versatile!

David Lor is a graduate of Fresno State. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Art with an emphasis on Animation. Ever since he was a youngster, David has had a passion for art and music. He enjoys singing and playing the guitar.

In recent years, David developed an interest in film photography.

David is always open to learn new things that peak his interest, such as different languages, videography, video editing and more. He loves Japanese Tokusatsu and the Marvel cinematic universe.

Horn Photo appreciates David for his knowledge, experience and super friendly nature.

Come in and talk to David! He's eager to meet you.

Alan Alvarez
Alan Alvarez
Camera Photo and Video Specialist

He's contagious!

Alan Alvarez's enthusiasm for photography is contagious, but not the bad kind of contagious that necessitates wearing a mask. Here's what we mean: When Alan hears people talk about his favorite subject, film photography, he gets excited. And when Alan gets in on the conversation, he gets even more excited. He practically bursts with excitement. Alan is imaginative and very creative. His brain is awash with photo, video, and graphics design ideas that have an element of surprise in them. He likes turning his ideas into photo projects. It's Alan's creative outlet. Alan would love to see and hear about the photo projects that you have done.

Come in and talk to Alan and you'll see what we mean. But be careful. Wear an apron. You might get some of his excitement on you, and it doesn't wash off easily.

Here are two more tidbits of information about Alan that are not related to photography:     1. He spoke Spanish before he learned English.     2. He makes killer fish tacos.

Come in and talk photography with Alan. You choose which language: Spanish, English or a combo.

Casey Henderson
Casey Henderson
Photo Gifting Specialist & Receiving Manager

"I love taking pictures. Some would say that my camera is glued to my wrist!"

When Casey Henderson was 7 years old, she received Disney Lion King camera, and she’s been taking pictures ever since, although her cameras and her photography have become more sophisticated.

Casey has been a loyal member of Horn Photo since 2006. She loves helping people preserve their precious memories, with archiving, printing, framing, or making photo gifts.

Besides photography, her love is swing dancing, and she knows American Sign Language.

Linda Biggers
Linda Biggers
Video Archiving Specialist

"The reward I get everyday, is that smile and expression of happiness from our customers when they see their printed photos. Nothing is better!"

Linda Biggers has been in the photo industry for over 30 years, which included running a photo lab. She has been with Horn Photo for many years.

Linda, with her Nikon, has photographed weddings, race cars, San Francisco architecture, and her happy dogs.

Ashley Lucero
Ashley Lucero
Photo Specialist

“Hopefully, one day my children will look back at all my pictures of them and know they are loved”

Ashley has over ten years experience working with photography. She has been helping people with printing their photos, making greeting cards, and creating photo gifts.

Ashley has two little boys, and understands the value of photographing every milestone of their lives, and sharing them with friends and family. She says, “Hopefully one day they will look back at all my pictures of them and know they are loved.”

When Ashley is not at Horn Photo or taking pictures of her family, she likes to do some sweet research and bake different desserts.

Suzanne Khamvilaythong
Suzanne Khamvilaythong
Customer Service Manager

Suzanne Khamvilaythong joined us in May of 2019. You will most likely see her at the front counter.
Suzanne has an extensive education and background in business practices, and is excited to now learn about photography.

She grew up in Fresno, is a first generation American, and speaks fluent Laotian.

Suzanne has two beautiful girls and loves participating in their sports programs. When she's not working, she likes to play sports and go camping.

Adam Deis
Adam Deis
Lab Manager

“I brought an Arts/Sciences background rather than a photo education to the game”

Adam has been in the industry since 1986 when he worked for Technicolor, where he became a wizard at the art and science of photo lab processing. He joined Horn Photo in 1996 to fire up our onsite photo lab. YESWe were ecstatic to have him become part of the team.

Adam has a passion for nature photography, often with an accent on macro and abstract images, and also loves shooting live band performances. Soothing nature and loud music seems like a contradiction, but then Adam is somewhat of an enigma.

Greg Light
Greg Light
Assistant Lab Manager

Working behind the scenes in the lab at Horn Photo for decades.

He has been passionate about photography ever since taking a photo class in high school. Greg followed that up with four years of photography courses at Fresno City College. He's dabbled in everything from professional wedding and event photography to industrial photography, portraiture and digital restorations. His true love is nature photography.

When Greg is not working, he loves spending time with his children, playing drums and BASE jumping.

Jonathan Alexander
Jonathan Alexander
Photo Lab Technician

"Sometimes the best shot is provided by a spontaneous moment; take your camera everywhere."

Jonathan has been with Horn Photo for a whole bunch of years. He has a formal photography education, taking photography classes throughout both high school and college.

Jonathan loves film photography, and is a seasoned veteran of processing black and white film. He loves experimenting with film using toy cameras and old cameras as well as using in-camera film masks, double-exposing, and DIY redscale film. Jonathan's favorite films include Kodak Portra 400 and Ilford XP2 Super.

Dennis Silva
Dennis Silva
Photo Lab Tech

Board Certified Photo Nerd

We haven’t discovered any videos of Dennis Silva wearing a Jedi costume while swinging around a light saber in his garage, but make no mistake.  Dennis Silva is a nerd.  Nerds tend to specialize, and Dennis happens to be a Board Certified Photo Nerd.  

Dennis’ background and education is in mechanical engineering, which goes with his love and knowledge of science and technology.  He is the perfect guy to work in our Photo Lab!   Dennis applies his knowledge towards making sure that your prints, scans and film developing are the best they can possibly be.

When Dennis is not in our Photo Lab, you may find him up in the Sierras, Coast Range or Great Basin hiking and testing out gear.  He’s used film cameras from the 1980, all the way up to the latest cutting edge mirrorless cameras and finds things to love about each of them.

Adam Delbosque
Adam Delbosque
Lab Tech and Film Guru

Indie-film award winner!

Adam's number one passion is film photography. He has been working as a photographer for years, and he continues to learn something new everyday.

Adam's number two passion is film making. He won an award at the Reel-Loud Film and Arts Festival in Santa Barbara for his work as the director of photography of a short film.

Adam's educational background includes studying journalism at Fresno City College.

Jan Flanigan
Jan Flanigan
Education Coordinator

Spent 20 years at a State Prison

We should clarify, that Jan Flanigan served her 20 years at State Prison as an employee, first as a teacher, then managing inmate programs, and coordinating large events.

Her work experience plus her long-time passion for photography, makes her well-suited for her position as Education and Events Coordinator at Horn Photo.

Jan gets a thrill when she sees our customers advancing their knowledge in our classes, and having a blast at our Clicking Caravans.

Charlie Boy
Charlie Boy
Horn Photo Mascot

Charlie - Fresno's most photogenic male model

Charlie Boy is by far Horn Photo's most photographed employee. Most use a wide angle lens, because Charlie weighs 200 POUNDS!!! Charlie Boy is our mascot. He's a prize winning Great Dane.

He's been known to impress the men, charm the ladies and entertain young children.

Next time you come in to Horn Photo, ask if Charlie is in the store. If he is, he's most likely in his office working (or sleeping). He'd love to meet you.

Questions? We would love to hear from you.

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