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Beyond Digital - Why Film is Back

A surprising trend has emerged that's capturing the hearts of Millennials and Gen Z. It's the rekindling of love for film cameras. But what exactly draws these generations to this analog world? It's the thrill of an experience that provides a break from the digital world. Let's delve into it.
For this young generation, information and entertainment have always been just a tap away, instantly gratifying our desires. However, this convenience can be unfulfilling at times. The beauty of a film camera lies in its thoughtfulness. Loading a roll of 24 or 36 exposure film into a camera slows us down, makes us think and feel! Literally. We get to feel the roll of film that we are going to turn into our images.
Next, there's the sense of anticipation as we wait for our film to get developed. It's like the excitement we feel of unwrapping presents on Christmas morning. Will the shots turn out as we hoped, or will they surprise us in unexpected ways? When we get a successful shot, we get a feeling of elation. Even when there are imperfections caused by miscalculations, each flawed image holds a lesson, and the promise of growth in our photographic journey.
It's an experience starkly contrasting the digital images stored on our phones and computers. Film forces us to slow down, think and savor the patience that results in gratification.

Film and developing at Horn Photo

When it comes to purchasing of film or single-use film cameras, be sure to explore the selection of fresh film available at Horn Photo or conveniently order it online.
As the Central Valley's foremost photo lab, we take pride in our commitment to quality. Our team of lab technicians boasts decades of experience in developing and printing images, treating each roll of film and print with meticulous attention, as if they were their own.
Having your film developed at Horn Photo is a straightforward process. You can either visit our store in person or  mail in your film. To learn more about our film developing services, click here.

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