Watch what happens when our customer tries to buy a new Nikon Z9 camera. It’ll make your day!


Meet Jeff, his wife Susan, and their son Eric.

They are long time customers at Horn Photo.

Jeff and Susan are the proud parents of Eric and Brandon. Both of their sons are serving in the military.

Jeff has had his eyes on the new Nikon Z9.  This top of the line Nikon mirrorless camera  is very hard to get right now. Horn Photo obtained a Nikon Z9, and our Camera Department Manager, Ryan, called Jeff to let him know.

Jeff was tempted, but hesitant.  He doesn’t exactly have a huge stash of cash hidden behind the couch. Jeff gave it some serious thought and talked with Susan about it. She was all for it, but Jeff cautiously decided against buying it.  Never-the-less, Susan encouraged him to go to Horn Photo the next day and simply take a look at the camera. With the Nikon representative visiting, it was the perfect time to get some great information about this amazing camera.

Jeff didn’t know that his family was being sneaky… Here’s where the story gets really good.

Early that morning, Jeff’s son Eric came in and bought his dad a Nikon Z9!

So later that same day, when Jeff and his family strolled into Horn Photo, they all sat down at our camera counter.  Jeff tried out the new camera and fell in love with it. He really, really wanted that camera.  He knew he had Susan’s absolute blessing and support.  

Jeff had made a decision.  He told Ryan he wanted to buy the Nikon Z9.  

Watch what happens when Jeff decides to buy the Nikon Z9. It will make your day!  It certainly made our day.

The entire Camera Staff at Horn Photo got to participate in this exciting  surprise. We love our customers and feel privileged to be a part of their lives!  

Thanks for reading!

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