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Digital Sensor Cleaning

Do your images come out with a bunch of little black or grey dots and specks all over the place? Odds are a digital sensor cleaning will do the trick! If you feel a little uneasy about opening your camera up and damaging your sensor in the process—and we don't blame you!—please let our trained professionals do the cleaning for you! Our digital camera specialists are happy and able to service and maintain digital CCD and CMOS sensors that have undergone general use.

Please note that sensors exposed to significant abrasion from sand, grit, or other abrasive cleaning from materials like cotton might require maintenance from the factory. Horn Photo technicians will advise you if this is the case.

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Digital Sensor Cleaning

Camera Services

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Digital Camera Sensor Cleaning
3-5 Business Days
Digital Camera Sensor Cleaning
Within 24 Hours
Digital Camera Firmware Update
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