Top Four Video Accessories


With the right LIGHTING and AUDIO you can turn any room into a studio

Are you using Zoom?

Do you want to look and sound better?  Learn how easy it is to improve your video and sound quality with just a few simple accessories.
Our Camera Specialist, David Vargas, put together this video highlighting his favorite accessories that he uses for his video and still photography.  It features four affordable, compact  and easy to use products that will turn any room in your home into a studio.

Watch David’s video and read the blog to find out more.

Microphones are Important

1. Improve Your Audio

SGM-2Shotgun Microphone by ProMaster

“Mufframfurphum grubbidf.”  Wait…What?  
How’s your audio?  Muffled or echoey?  Or just not consistently crisp and clear.  How many times have you suffered through other people’s shabby audio? Chances are, those people don’t even know how poor their audio sounds.  It sounds just fine to them!  
Make sure that you are heard clearly.  The built-in microphones on your smartphone or camera just don’t cut it alone.  You need a quality microphone.
David loves the SGM-2 Shotgun Microphone from ProMaster.  It’s very affordable and gives you a crisp clear sound without mufflingor echoing.  The box contains every thing required to record audio:  The microphone, windscreens, shock mount, all the cables you will need to mount on either a digital camera or smartphone.  
The microphone is powered by your video device, so it never needs batteries or recharging.
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Be afraid of the DARK!

2. Add Lighting

Savage LED RGB Light Wand

Are you suffering from dullness? It could be the lighting. Brighten up your face by using adding a light.  Positioned properly, lighting can soften your face, or add depth.  
David uses the affordable Savage LED RGB Light Wand.  This versatile portable light can be used at home or in the field for video and still shots.  
The Savage LED RGB Light Wand changes brightness, light temperature AND COLOR!  Yep.  That’s the RGB part.  But wait—-It gets better…   All of that can be controlled by an app on your smartphone!
Control the Shadows!
You can change the mood of a scene from cool to warm, or to a color hue such as red.  
Here’s an idea:  You’re in a Zoom meeting.  You’re supposed to give a presentation that you didn’t really prepare for.  You slyly use the app to change the color of your face so that it appears  green.  You explain that you don’t feel so well, and voila!  You get out of doing your presentation!    
You’re welcome.
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3. Tripod

XC-M 525 Tripod by ProMaster

A tripod is a must-have accessory for any video or still photographer.  There are many to choose from, but some can cost more than your first car.  It’s crucial to have a tripod that’s sturdy, otherwise, what’s the point?  David recommends the ProMaster XC-M  525 Tripod.  
The XC-M 525 folds up to just 15 inches, but extends nearly to 6feet.  Whether you need to hold your smartphone, large DSLR or video camera, this is an outstanding tripod.  It comes with a well-built ARCA Swiss plate top ball head.  Small and portable, yet sturdy and can hold up to 17 lbs.  
Think about it.  17 pounds is a lot.  That tripod, fully extended, could support a toddler who is holding your camera. Not that you would ever put something like that on your tripod, but you could.  (Disclaimer: There’s no mount attachment for a toddler.)
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This ain't your father's light stand

4. Light Stand 

LS-2Light Stand by ProMaster

Do you really need a light stand? Yes.  You really do.  It will make your work easier in a number of ways.  David uses the LS-2 Light Stand by ProMaster for his projects.  He loves it because it’s easy to set up and take down, easy to transport and easy to store.  But most importantly, it simply makes for better and more stable lighting. You don’t have to worry about your light source getting knocked over,unless you are lighting in a room full of elephants.
The LS-2 Light Stand will not set you back.  For the price of lunch at Whole Foods, you can purchase an item that will forever more make your videoing easier, safer and more effective.
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All of these items are in stock and available for purchase either in our store or on our website.  

We thank David Vargas for taking the time to make this video for our customers. Come into the store and see him! David, as well as our other experts, they’re always eager to help you with any of your photography needs.

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