What Photo Wall Decor is Best for Me?


We make a boatload of Shadow Mount Prints for our customers every month.  They love them.  They are a unique and exclusive Horn Photo Home Decor Product, and are wall ready when they leave the store.  You will not find them at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, or other labs in the Central Valley.
Do you want to know why they’re so popular?  Read our blog to find out.
Shadow Mount Prints are:
•  A GREAT VALUE - Lower in price than metal, canvas or framed prints
•  Highly regarded by interior decorators for large and small spaces  
•  Lightweight, yet strong
•  Never needs framing  
•  Easy to hang
Do you have images that you would like to showcase in your home or office, but don’t want to spend the money and time to have them matted and framed?  Are you looking to decorate a large area with multiple pictures?  
Shadow Mount Prints can quickly transform any wall into a photographic art gallery.  They are frameless, clean and modern looking, and can turn your pictures into a pieces of art.  They provide a uniform look without the cost and burden of having to buy frames.
Here are the answers to the TOP 7 Questions we receive about Shadow Mount Prints:
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1. What is a Shadow Mount Print?

It Floats!
A Shadow Mount Print  appears to float in the air hovering next to your wall. Seriously.  It’s practically magic!
Here’s what we mean.  
This frame-less mounting technique floats the print 1" off the wall using a hidden black box on the back, producing a shadow effect and the appearance that your image is floating, giving it a 3-D look. 
Your print is affixed to a thick sturdy backing called Gator hard board.  The material is lightweight, and not made from alligators, but the manufacturers felt that calling it “macromolecular polymer high density board” didn’t sound as catchy.  
No Need For A Frame!
The fact that a Shadow Mount Print is always frame-less makes your life easier!  It saves you time and money by not having to find suitable frames.  It easily fits in with all other frame-less and framed wall decor.
How many Shekels?

2. How much does a Shadow Mount Print cost?

The best VALUE your walls have ever seen!
You can get a print for less money. But when you add the matting, and a frame, the cost will be more than ordering a Shadow Mount Print.  
They are also less expensive than other frame-less prints, such as canvas or metal.
What’s the difference in price between a Shadow Mount Print and the other frame-less prints?  We did some comparing.
A 24x36” Shadow Mount Print (SMP) price is $104.78
A 24x36” Canvas Print is 189.95 — SMP is 45% lower in price
A 24x36” Metal Print is $229.99 — SMP is 54% lower in price
Imagine the savings if you are decorating your business or home with multiple prints!
Refer to the price list on our website:

3. How easy is it to hang a Shadow Mount Print?

Really easy.  It’s just as easy as hanging a framed picture. It comes with everything you need, along with step-by-step picture instructions.
Disclaimer:  You will need to provide a wall.  Plus, unless you have extremely rugged hands, you’ll need a hammer or screwdriver.  Also, a level and tape-measure might come in handy.  But that is all.

4.  How long does it take to get a Shadow Mount Print? 

It only takes three to five days for Horn Photo’s lab to produce your Shadow Mount Print.  
Can I have it RUSHED?
Yes!  With our FAST PASS.   We can put a RUSH on it for an additional $10.  It moves your order to the front of the line. 

5. What kind of photo paper is used for Shadow Mount Print? 

Pick your paper
We offer KODAK Professional matte, glossy or metallic Endura photo paper.  You select the paper during the ordering process.
We also have fine art Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Warm and Metallic Cool paper available for an additional price.  You don’t have to be able to pronounce “Hahnemuhle” to order a Shadow Mount Print from Horn Photo.  
For your edification, Hahnemuhle is a brand of fine art paper from Germany that is popular with many professional photographers. (We wish there was a way this could have sounded less pretentious.  Perhaps if the brand was called Mule. Mule paper.  That would seem more down-to-earth.)

6. What’s the biggest and smallest sizes available?

The largest Shadow Mount Print size we offer is 60x40”.  Horizontal or vertical.  Think about it.  The vertical will fit a life-sized picture of your great-grandma, provided she’s shrunk down to a manageable 5’ tall (as is the case with many great-grandmas). You may not want G.G. lording over your dining room, but how about a Shadow Mount Print of Half Dome?  Or a Giant Sequoia?  Or a triple decker bacon-cheese-burger?

The horizontal 60x40” looks fantastic on a wall over your couch (where you’ve may have been spending a lot of time lately). They’re great for landscape shots, or family portraits.  
You can feel like you’re in Yosemite at Tunnel View, without leaving the comforts of home.  
And the smallest?
You can get a Shadow Mount Print as small as 8” by 8”.  That’s a great size for your office, kid’s room, bathroom or bomb shelter.
Does Horn Photo make custom sizes?
Yes!  Just let us know what size you would like.   Shadow Mount Prints are perfect for panoramic images.
Custom sizes can be the way to go since you DON’T NEED A FRAME for any Shadow Mount Print.

7. Should I order my Shadow Mount Prints on-line or in-store?

Either one!  You can order them on-line by clicking on this link:
Or you can come into the store to order your Shadow Mount Prints.  Our staff members will be happy to help you with the ordering process.

Horn Photo cannot do the following…

• We cannot mount prints other than the ones produced in our lab.
• We cannot put a frame on a Shadow Mount Print. They are not designed to be framed.
• We cannot make a clear sharp Shadow Mount Print out of a low resolution or low quality image.  Image quality of our prints depends on the quality of the image that we receive.  
Thanks for reading!
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