EOS R5, EOS R6, 600mm and 800mm Super Telephoto Lenses, and Canon Pro300 Printer


OMG! This is more exciting than seeing a new product from Apple!!!

Canon is pulling the cloak off of these new additions to their family.  
They just launched two new mirrorless cameras, several new lenses and a printer.  This is a BIG DEAL.  We’ve been waiting a very long time for this.   
Throughout this blog, we’ll be sharing videos of overviews AND details of Canon’s new products.  The first two videos are short teasers that we hope will entice you into watching Canon’s hour long Product Launch video covering all their new releases.  
Most exciting of Canon’s new products are the EOS R5, and the more affordable EOS R6 mirrorless cameras.  You will be astounded at their capabilities.  They combine everything you love about the Canon 5D series with everything you love about mirrorless technology.  Top photographers in the industry are in love with these two cameras.  
If you traded in your Canon equipment for a top of the line mirrorless camera from another maker, you will be despondent when you see how special the EOS R5 is.  Never fear, we have a solution to get you out of your funk. Find an aged and decrepit wealthy person, and claim to be their long lost relative.  Have a pen handy, and a will prepared for their signature. Then just wait……
But maybe you have a conscience and perhaps even some scruples.   Here’s another thing to consider:  Sometimes it helps to make a financial decision when you can easily justify the expense.   Know these facts:  The EOS R5 is more expensive than a four slot toaster, but less expensive than a Maserati. Relatively speaking, the price point is closer to the toaster than that of the Maserati.  And if that doesn’t help, the EOS R6 is even closer to the price of a toaster.    

Let’s get to the videos!

1. What will I like about the new Canon mirrorless cameras?  

See for yourself.  Here are two very short videos introducing the EOS R5 and the R6 cameras.   Pay attention to the difference between the two cameras in the…. um…..musical score. You can tell them apart by how the R5 is a dramatic epic adventure, and the R6 is a passionate epic love story. The point is, they’re both EPIC! (Please note that the cameras don’t come packaged with musical scores.  Musical scores sold separately.)

This Video is new. Add to this blog on 7-22-20 from Wildlife photographer Andrew Beck.

2. Can I see more details on the new cameras, lenses and printer?  


Yes!  This hour long video shows the capabilities of both the R5 and the R6 and reveals the cameras specs.  
Top photographers:  Peter McKinnon, Joel Grimes, Vanessa Joy, Roberto Valenzuela, Rick Sammon, Sal Cincotta and Lindsay Adler are all amazed by Canon’s new additions.  You will see the still shots as well as the videos they created using their Canons.  
Also featured in the video are Canon’s newest concept in auto focus lenses.  Canon shows off four of them.  Included are two super telephoto lenses, the 600mm and the 800mm. Lightweight and affordable, these lenses can be used hand held and give you tack sharp pictures of wildlife in motion. You will see some images of birds shot with these lenses.  Once you pick your jaw up off the ground, you’ll say, “I want one!”
Another new product, Canon’s Pro300 Printer, is included in this launch.  You know what we always say, “It’s not a picture until it’s printed”.  You can print your own high quality pictures up to 13” wide with their easy-to-use and trouble-free Canon printer.  You’ll see how photographer Joel Grimes feels about his Canon Pro300.

3.  Will Canon’s new technology make me take more amazing pictures?

Yes!  The next two videos show how effective Canon’s new technology in auto focus and in-body image stabilization work to make blurry or un-sharp pictures a thing of the past.
This four minute gem explains the In Body Image Stabilization features for both still photography and video in the EOS R5 and R6.
This three and a half minute video explains the advanced auto focus capabilities of the EOS R5 and R6.  WATCH THIS VIDEO.  YOU WILL CRAVE THIS CAMERA!!!!!

First come first served.  Order yours today!



4. What’s new in Canon lenses that I can’t live without?

How about making blurry pictures a thing of the past. Canon has two new super telephoto lenses that are lightweight and affordable.  The 600mm and the 800mm,with their image stabilization and new concept in auto focusing can take tack sharp images of wildlife and more.  This short video is an introduction of Canon’s two newest lenses.

5. Can I make professional looking prints at home?

Yes.  But please continue to count on Horn Photo for most of your prints.  That’s what we love to do, we’re exceptional at it, and…..uh….it’s our bread and butter.  
Watch this short video that highlights the features of the new vastly improved Canon ImagePROGRAF Pro-300.  It’s smaller than previous versions, and gives you professional quality prints up to 13” wide.
To see more details and Joel Grimes’ review of the printer, check out the last part of the hour long Canon Virtual Product Launch video posted earlier in this blog.

Pre-order your’s here now.  

6.  Do you have any videos that are over most people’s heads,except for mine?

Yes!  The following two videos are rated VN and are for Video Nerds only. These are the In-House Deep-Dive into Tech videos and cover the specs of the camera.  
The first four minute video covers the video capabilities of the EOS R5:

This next three minute video covers the video capabilities of the EOSR6:

Bonus Video;

Canon Explorer of Light Rick Sammon and the EOS R6 Rick covers some solid features and discusses how the R6 works for wildlife photography.

That’s it for now!  Thanks for reading.  

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