Is Horn Photo Clean?



Horn Photo is Santatized

by St. Nick

Horn Photo’s staff are so busy filling the Christmas wishes of all their customers who have been very good this year.  Boy has that made my job easy.  So, now, I’m helping the them out!  Keeping their store clean and safe!   That’s right.  I’m Santatizing it!  Look… The counters, Santatized.  The products, Santatized.  The bathrooms, Santatized!  (Even the laaaaadies room - but I always knock first!)  
Oh I have help.  My elf, Rupert.  He cleans all the small hard to get to places.  Like the bottom of my shoes, so I don’t track in Raindeer poop.  One has to think of everything when it comes to keeping a store clean and safe!

Our Special Santatizer
At the North Pole, we don’t just have a workshop filled with elves that make toys.  We have a huge laboratory employing hundreds of tiny scientists who develop special concoctions.  
They’ve been working all year to come up with this super special Santatizer just for Horn Photo.  I can’t reveal what it contains,but I can tell you this: Those scientists earned their gingerbread cookies this year!

The data is in
The Santatizer been through rigorous testing, and the data is in.  It’s proven to be 99.9% effective, with no side effects.  
No elves were harmed during the development, testing or manufacturing process.     

Watch the video

As Santa, I am the only individual licensed to apply the Santatizer.  Watch me work to completely Santatize Horn Photo.