VOTE this November



Have you ever gone to Baskin Robbins to buy a camera?  Or print your pictures?  No. BECAUSE YOU CAN’T. THEY don’t CARE about your photography.  All THEY care about is serving you ice cream.  That’s all they’ve ever done.  Serve you ice cream.  Oh, it’s sweet and delicious.  Yes. But don’t let that fool you.   Can you take a family portrait with an ice cream cone?  NO. You CAN’T.  And ice cream is BAD for photographs. 
Where does Baskin Robbins get their money?  They’ve been seen taking money from children.  
And where does their ice cream come from?  It doesn’t even come from huooooo-mans.

Horn Photo has been serving the people of this community since 1937.  We believe in America and the people who believe in the other people who believe in America.   Baskin Robbins?  Jamoca Almond Fudge? That doesn’t even sound American.    
Horn Photo, sells only items that have made their way to America and into our store.
This November, who are you going to go to for your photography and printing needs?  Baskin Robbins, or Horn Photo.   The choice is clear.

We’re Horn Photo and we approve of this message.