What side of this conflict are you on?


Let’s look at the pros and cons:


Shots are everywhere.  
They’re easy to get.
They cost you nothing.


Be cautious.
These things take time to figure out.  
You want to make sure that the shot is going to be good before you take it.
Why is Horn Photo giving advice on this conflict?  Because we are the experts in this field.  Read on.  

Digital Shots

If you are using a DIGITAL CAMERA take the shot.   It costs you nothing.  Take a thousand shots!  They may all be crappy except for that once-in-a-lifetime shot.    
Examples: Are you outside fiddling around with your camera when suddenly a bald eagle swoops down and catches a fish in the middle of the lake?  Are you going to stop and check your settings?  No!  Just TAKE THE SHOT, otherwise you’ll miss out on the action.  The bird’s not coming back. 
Are you having a family picnic in Australia and a Dingo grabs your baby?  TAKE THE SHOT.  Don’t miss out on the action.  You can get some of the baby back later. You cannot get the Dingo to repeat the action just so you can adjust your settings to get a better shot.
Tip: When action like this happens, don’t take just one shot, hold you finger down on the shutter button fire off dozens of them.  Make your camera sound like a machine gun.  One of the shots is bound to be good.  Or okay.  Or not. The shots cost you nothing.
Disclaimer:  Let’s be smart, here.  Safety first when taking wildlife action shots.  For example, if a bear is coming right at you, do not take the shot.  If you don’t have pots and pans to bang together, throw your camera at it.

Film Shots

If you are using a FILM CAMERA, every shot you take costs money and takes time to develop and print.  For that reason, don’t take the shot unless you’re pretty sure it will be good (or if you have money to spare).  Film is for those of you who love the excitement of not knowing the quality of shot you got until later.  
Film is great for portraits, landscapes and things that don’t move.  
Examples:  Do you have a scrumptious bowl of fruit sitting on your table?  You should have time to get the settings correct on your film camera to take a stellar shot before the fruit starts to rot.  
Does your neighbor have a piece of art in their bedroom that you’ve been admiring?  When you notice that their curtains are open, sneak around their bushes with your camera and tripod to get the perfect shot of it through their window.   Your neighbors will consider it a complement.  Should you see a squad car pull up to the house, don’t panic.  However, once again, safety first.  If an officer comes right at you and you don’t have pots and pans to bang together, throw your camera at him.  

Our conclusion

We say, go digital and TAKE THE SHOT.  Don’t just do it for you.  Do it for others!  One of your shots may end up on the cover of Field and Stream for millions of others to enjoy!  
What the hell kind of shots did you think we were going to talk about?  We’re a camera store, not an epidemiology research center.  
Give Horn Photo a shot!  Whether you shoot digital or film, we can provide solutions to your photography needs.

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