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Let’s Take A Staycation And Share Our Adventures

Let’s do something fun!  Since many of us are taking a Staycation, let’s share our experiences and turn it into a group activity.   We can learn from each other.
My job as Horn Photo's Education and Events Coordinator has slowed down for the time being. Stan and Shelly were generous enough to send me on my own Staycation, and offered to pay for all of my travel and lodging expenses! I jumped on the opportunity. I have gained enough experience to become a Staycation Travel Agent, and have some tips on how to make the most out of your Staycation.

1. Plan your trip

Spread out your map on the dining room table, and plot your route.  Your starting point and your final destination.
Do you want to take the quickest route?  Or would you like to go the scenic route.  Do you want to avoid major hallways, and use the crawl spaces to get around? Or do you want the easiest way to get from Point A to Point B?
Maybe you want to avoid certain areas during rush hour, for example:  The kitchen during breakfast.  Or the bathroom right after breakfast.  
Great thing about Staycations, is not having to worry about getting gas along the way. (Probably by now, your diet is mostly peanut butter and beans, so you should have plenty of gas.)

2. Pack only what you need

Once you’ve planned your route, make a list of what you need to bring.  It’s always best to travel light.  
We suggest that you take only one pair of shoes, the ones you’ll wear the whole trip.   DO NOT wear a brand new pair of shoes that haven’t been broken in.  You may end up with blisters, which can ruin your Staycation.  We suggest fluffy slippers. 
Make sure, however, that you carry enough water.    Do you have a two-story house?  Consider bringing your Camelback for the trek up the stairs.  Hydration is an important part of staying healthy on any trip.
We’ll talk about what camera equipment to bring later.
Be careful NOT to over pack

3.  Finding lodging

We recommend that you camp in your bedroom.  Just use the bed and bedding that you already have.  Simple!    
Adventure in your own bed!

4. Places to avoid on your staycation

We recommend that you stay away from areas where teenagers reside.  They can be dangerous to navigate.  Maybe you had a nice house at one time, but then teenagers took over entire areas.  
Avoid places that smell bad
Sad to say, but it’s just safest to stay away from those districts.  Venturing into teenagers bedrooms, closets and bathrooms on your own, may result in horrifying consequences, both physically and emotionally. We’ve heard stories of Staycationers becoming violently ill from foul odors, and suffering from feelings of total despair.   You want your staycation to make you feel good, not make you feel like complete failures as parents.

5. What lenses to bring

We recommend a versatile wide angle to zoom, and a macro.   Here’s why:  Scenery and detail.  The wide angle to zoom will enable to get those scenic views from the corners of your room, as well as portraits and wildlife.  The macro will capture the details of the things you’ve never noticed before.  The pattern of the dust bunnies under your couch, the dead flies on the windowsills, the opportunities are endless.  
Marco Lens, Zoom Lens & a Fast Lens might be needed

6. Tripod vs No Tripod

We don’t recommend taking a tripod on your Staycation.  Here’s why: You can improvise.  There’s usually a way to steady your camera using something already in your house, (i.e. coffee table, chair, grandma’s urn, etc.) eliminating the need for a tripod.  Also, if you really feel you need a tripod, just go grab it from the room you keep your tripod in.  You really won’t have to travel too far out of your way.
Tripod is Optional!

7. Let’s Staycation Together!

Here are some ideas on how to involve other Staycationers while keeping your distance with the help of Social Media sites:
•        Take macro pictures of common items in your house and ask people to identify what they are.
•        Come up with a photo scavenger hunt for you and your other friends and family taking their own Staycations, and share them online.
•        Clean out your refrigerator and pantry, find the item with the oldest expiration date and take a picture of it, and share it online.  See who’s got the oldest date.
Thanks for reading!

Let’s make the best out of this situation, and we’ll get through this more creative than ever before!

Staycation Photo Scavenger Hunt


Find these things around your house.  Give them a shot!
1.   Shiny
2.   That moves
3.   Alive
4.   Broken
5.   Liquid
6.   Sharp
7.   Gross
8.   That You should have thrown out a long time ago
9.   That represents your home
10. You love

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