How can I digitize my pictures?


Scanning and Archiving My Old Photos

What’s the first thing that people grab when there’s a fire?  Besides the cat?  We all know… it’s the photos.  The old prints that have been around for a generation or two or three, that tell the story of your family.
Horn Photo preserves these precious possessions with our scanning and archiving service.  We scan your prints, slides,and film negatives, then save them to a Compact Disk.  You then have many options to protect your images forever.  You can download them to the cloud,  put them on a flash drive,share them with your family, make prints from them, and much more. You get your originals back, but they are reproduced and protected in a digital format.
We have provided this service for many years, and have scanned and archived countless photographs for valley residents. This really is our forte. We LOVE working with old photos and family heirlooms.
Here are the most frequently asked questions about our scanning and archiving service;

1. How much does this service cost?

It depends on the type of scan and the amount you bring in.  The larger the quantity, the lower the cost.  We have a minimum order of 10in any category (prints, slides and film). For example, if you only want 10 items scanned, the price would be $1.49each item.  The more you bring in, the cheaper it is, all the way down to $.44 each. Please see complete details of our pricing structure on our Archiving page:
The more you Scan the Lower the Prices!

2. How long does it take?

It takes about a week, on average.  If a large quantity is brought in, it will take a little longer.  If the scanning job is for a funeral or memorial service, please let us know, and we will get the job out quickly and meet your needs.

3. Will my original be color corrected?

We will adjust for color and density on standard slide and print scans.  Negative film scans can be adjusted upon request.  
If your originals are in poor condition, you may want to consider our restoration services.  More information can be found on our Restoration page:

4. What size or resolution will the scans be?

There is no one answer for that question.  Each type of original can be different.  Here’s the breakdown:
•     Our standard scan for prints is 600dpi.  For example, a 4”x6” at 600dpi =3600 x 2400 px, or 24 megabytes when open in Photoshop.  
•     Larger prints (8”x10” and up) are scanned at 300 dpi.  For example, an 11”x14”at 300dpi = 4200 x 3300 px, or 40 megabytes when open in Photoshop.
•     We do offer a higher resolution scan if you need something larger, for example a 24”x36” print.  The cost is $10 per print.  
We use a Kodak Carousel scanner.  If your slides are already in a carousel,please don’t remove them.  Bring in your carousel with the slides.
•     The average scan for 35mm positive slide is 4480 x 3006 dpi.  
•     We do offer a higher resolution for making large prints from your slide.  The cost is $10 per scan, and the resolution is 6774 x 4492 dpi.  It is a single, one-at-a-time scanner, that does an excellent job.
Negatives are scanned on the same high quality Noritsu scanner that we use to do film that has just been developed.   You have two options.
•     Standard resolution is 3089 x 2048 dpi
•     High resolution is 6774 x 4492 dpi

5. Can you scan my photos in order?

Yes we can.  It takes more labor to get this accomplished, and for that reason, we charge an extra $.20 per scan for this service.  Please make sure that you tell us when you need your archiving in a special order orplaced in specific folders.  We will do our best to accommodate your needs.        

6. Can you put my scanned images on a flash drive?

We can put your scans on a flash drive, however we do not scan directly to the flash drive.  We always put your scans on Compact Disks(CDs) for permanency.  If you need your images on a flash drive, please feel free to bring one in, or buy a new flash drive from us, and we will help you transfer all the scans to your drive.  You will have them on the CD, as well as your flash drive.  There is no extra charge for this service.  

7.  Do you scan large original prints?

We can scan large prints, within reason.  8”x12” to 12”x18” are $20 each.  Prints exceeding that size cost $30.

8.  Can you scan odd sized negatives and slides?

Yes.  We offer Film Scanning for Odd Sized Film and Slides. Examples are 110, 126, 4x5, etc. The size of these scans varies by the size of the original film.  We attempt to get the highest quality that we can from these odd sizes.  The cost is$1.99 each, with a minimum of 10.  For 20or more, the price goes down to $1.59 each for Odd Scan.  This price includes the CD.

There are a few things We cannot do...

Scan copy-written professional work without permission from the photographer.  Example: Olan Mills portraits. Er can if we have permission in writing from Olan Mills.
Professional Photographs can not be copied
Another thing we don't do is scan prints that are in a frame. In order to do the very best job we can the print must be removed from the frame and glass. Keep in mind if the print is stuck to glass we will work with you to get the image digitized. Each case is evaluated separately.
Have a print stuck to glass? We will try to work with you. Bring it in and let's talk.
If you have any questions please email us and ask away.