Ever Wonder Who Made Photography So Popular?


Ever Wonder Who Made Photography So Popular?


Author: George Washington


This is all true, because you are reading it on the internet.

 Did you know that I, George Washington, was headed towards a life of crime, and on the verge of joining the infamous Cobblestone Street Gang, when my life was changed by a camera? Yep.  It’s true.  
 Here’s a little history that was never mentioned in your history books:
 One day, when I was a teenager, I was vandalizing a cherry tree, just for the hell of it.  After I had decimated the tree, I realized that I was being captured on video by a security camera that was mounted on a neighboring apple tree.   I knew I was busted, and figured I may as well confess before I was accused.  
 That was the first time I ever engaged in strategical thinking, which was a pivotal moment for me, and for America.  It was also when I developed a keen interest in photography.  
I’ve always considered myself somewhat of a gadget-guy, and I wanted to get my hands on a camera.  My very first camera was the Bindwiddle View-Catcher®, first patented by Benjamin Franklin (later bought out by Eastman Kodak).  It was pretty high-tech for the 1700s.  Other cameras soon made their way into my possession.   
 Oh, and by the way George Eastman was named after non-other than our country’s first President, Me!
 As a young man, I took a lot of selfies.  I used them for posts on Ye Olde Social Media sites like Twit, Face Booke, and Tin Door.  As I matured, my photography grew more sophisticated.  You’ve all seen my iconic selfie that has been on dollar bill for over a hundred years.  Then there’s me and my crew crossing the Delaware.  That’s an epic image that’s in museums and art galleries.  I took that one with a selfie stick. Great action shot.  I used my iPhone for that one.
We would all have bad teeth, be drinking tea and curtsying for the Queen had it not been for my GoPro camera.  I attached it to Carrier Pigeons that flew over battlefields during the Revolutionary War.  Those Brits and their redcoats; they stood out like sore thumbs in the video footage.  I developed my strategy from the images I saw off of my camera, and won the most important battles of the war.   And thus began the United States of America.  
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