8 Burning Questions about:


8 Burning Questions about:


Have you ever seen our photo lab? It’s behind the wall and it’s a different world from our store.  There’s lots of chemistry, machines, giant specialty printers, large print cutters, computers and best of all —- our lab staff.  They bring your special moments back to life.  
Our experienced Lab Staff is on stand-by, ready for your print order.

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Because we print so many images every day, we wanted to answer the most commonly asked questions we get about printing.   Here they are: 

1. Can I make prints from my phone?

Yes you can!  It’s easy to make prints from your phone.  You can do it in two ways:  In the store, or from home.  You can bring your phone into Horn Photo, and we can wirelessly connect your phone to our print kiosk, to make prints.  Or, if you’d like the convenience of ordering prints from home, you can simply go to Click on the “Order Online Prints” tab, and follow the prompts to upload your images and submit your photo order to our lab.  There is a $2.99 minimum to order online, so make sure you get enough to share with family and friends!  The more you order, the less expensive it is.  

2. How large can I have my image printed?

Horn Photo offers a huge range of different sizes, from wallet size to 30” x 100”!  You can see our list of sizes along with pricing at the bottom of this blog.
The size of print you order depends on the resolution of the image.  If you want an 8” x 10” print, just about any resolution will be adequate. The higher the resolution, the larger the image can be printed without affecting the quality. We can help you decide how large an image you can print when you bring in your digital file.

3. Can I make a print from a low-resolution image file?

We can print from a low-resolution image, however, there may be some size limitations.  Small prints, such as 4” x 6” can almost always be printed from low resolution files.  
Here’s a question you can ask yourself:  Where did the image come from?  Was it downloaded off of social media, or was it a thumbnail from a Cloud image?  Those are low-resolution files.   But sometimes, the full resolution file exists someplace, and may take a little searching.
Sometimes quality is not as important as simply having an image printed that has sentimental or historical value to you and your family.   It is, however, important to find the right size that is of acceptable quality for that particular image.  Our staff can look at your image and determine how big of a photo we can make from your file size.

4. How do I crop my photo?

Cropping is easy to do whether you order your prints in the store or on our website.  When you select a size to print your image, (for example 4” x 6”) you will see a crop guide, based on the ratio of the size you selected (which would be a 2x3 ratio). You use the guide to crop into the photo.  You will be able to drag your image around and see what parts of the image will be with n the crop lines.
If you notice that the size you selected crops out a section of the photo that you want to remain, you may have to adjust your expectations on what size you are able to print.  If you see that your crop will remove an important part of your image, try selecting another size (such as 5” x 7”,  or 8” x 10”).  
We always recommend that you start with your original full-size image, prior to any cropping that you may have already done on your phone.  That way, you have the greatest flexibility with your final cropped print.  
If you have problems getting your image cropped the way you want while using our website at home, bring it into the store, and we will help you get the best image possible.

5. How long does it take to get my prints?

Prints are usually ready the same day they are ordered, however, it depends upon the complexity of your order. Naturally, if the order comes in late in the day, they should be completed the following day.  
Prints 16” x 20” and larger, prints mounted on styrene or gator-foam, and photo restorations take additional time.  
Horn Photo has a Fast Pass option online and in the store,that will put you in the front of the line.
We always do our best to accommodate customer’s deadlines, such as memorial services and special occasions.  Please let us know if this is the case.
When ordering online, there is a comment section.  You can let us know when you would like the print completed, and we will work hard to get your print ready on time.  If we cannot complete the work when you want it done, we will email you and let you know in advance.  Don’t hesitate to communicate your needs with us, and we will communicate back.

6. What paper is best for me?

The paper you use depends on what you are going to do with your print.  Horn Photo offers three different types of print surfaces:  Kodak Professional Matte surface, glossy and metallic.  
Our matte surface has a beautiful soft finish and is perfect for portraits.   When you frame your portrait under glass, you won’t see a reflection off of the matte surface in addition to the glass.
Our glossy surface is high key, and great for snapshots, black and white, and street photography.  
Our metallic surface has a high sheen that is fantastic for landscapes and cityscapes.  The colors and light really pop with metallic.  It is not recommended for portraits; unless that is the effect you are going for.  
We have examples of all of our finishes in the store.

7. How much do prints cost?

The price of prints depends on the size and quantity of prints.  The more prints you get, the lower the cost of the prints.  Please refer to the size and pricing chart at the end of this blog.    

8. Can I have prints mailed to me, or do I have to pick the up in the store?

You have the option to pick up your prints in the store -OR - have your order mailed to you.  When ordering online, there is an option to have your prints mailed to you for a nominal fee.  Your order is usually printed in one day, and is mailed out the next day via US Postal Service.  
If you are anxious to get your pictures, pick them up at the store!  Don’t forget, we have a convenient parking lot in the back of the store, which is always easy to use.

We do a lot,but we can’t perform miracles or break the law

There are things that we can’t do.  
•        We cannot make an out of focus image sharp.
•        We cannot print black and white images in color, (however this is possible with our Photo Restoration Services) and we can print color images in black and white
•        We cannot make prints from professional images without the permission from the photographer.    

Horn Photo’s size and pricing chart

Keep in mind the more quantity you order the lower the price per print.  
 Don’t forget, Horn Photo also offers “Fast Pass”, (RUSH), Service and “Enhancement” Service for when you need things adjusted and fast.

You can order prints right now Or stop in and use our luxurious Kiosk Order stations.

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