You ask, which is it?

GIF or JIF, That is the real Question?

Controversy everywhere

Does one say GIF with a Soft G or a Hard G?

At a time when Americans come together to celebrate National Peanut Lovers Day,(March 1st), our nation is torn apart.  
As if this country weren’t DIVIDED ENUFF?????  Now THIS???  
Democrats vs. Republicans, that’s old news.  
Pelosi vs. McConnell?  Yawn.
Trump vs. Science?  ZZzzzzzzzzz
The stock market is crashing, we’re all going to die from the Corona virus, and now the GIF catastrophe.  
Do you pronounce GIF with a  hard G or a soft G.  This is a big deal!  Don’t say it out loud in public, because you might offend someone and get shot in the stomach.  
There’s GIF, which stands for Graphic Interchange Format (but of course you already knew that).  
Then there’s JIF, which stands for a yummy creamy spread made of peanuts, sugar,molasses, fully hydrogenated vegetable oils, Mono and Diglycerides, and Salt.
Does this GIF care that it's a Jiffy eating Dog?
Why drag peanuts into this?  They were here first, long before the internet and silly moving images.   
Goobers,as they’re also called, made this nation what it is today.  They’ve been an important part of American history since the 1700s.   
Are you a goober lover?   Most Americans are.  Well, of course unless you are deathly allergic to them.  
We elected a goober grower as president in 1977.  Pres. Jimmy C.
We recently mourned the untimely death of Mr. Peanut, who heroically give up his own life to save the life of others.
 For the love of God, people, why is it so hard (G) to get along?
Oh no….Is God pronounced with a hard G or a soft G?
You’re asking, “What does this have to do with Horn Photo?”  Nothing.  We just want to vent.  And we also want you to come in to see our huge selection of camera brands, like Nikon. Or is it NICK-on, like they say in England.  Really.  They pronounce it with a short i.  Weird.  
Pronounced Ni-Con at Horn Photo!
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