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With all of the supply chain issues that pop up for different reasons, our camera supply doesn’t always meet our demands.  This is especially true for our most popular sellers, including Sony.
Right now, we have Sony cameras in stock!  This can change at any time. To show you how excited we are…we’re giving away highly processed meat!  
That’s right!  For a limited time, Horn Photo is giving away free baloney when you test out a Sony!

Why Sony and Baloney?

Because they rhyme!  It’s just that simple.
We couldn’t think of any food products that rhyme with Canon or Nikon.  Even more challenging, finding a food that rhymes with Panasonic.
Okay, okay.  We know that baloney is really spelled bologna.  But most red-blooded Amurikens pronounce it bah-LOE-nee.   If you hear someone pronounce it bo-LAHG-nah, would you think they were snooty and pretentious?  Of course you would.
Our customers know that Horn Photo definitely is not snooty or pretentious.  If we were, or had any class at all, we wouldn’t be advertising that we’re giving away free bologna.    

Are Sony cameras hard to find?  

Sony cameras are hot.  They fly off of our shelves.  Sometimes the latest brands are difficult to keep in stock. The quality and features of Sony cameras are revered by professional and amateur photographers.  When new models come out, we often have to put our customers on a waiting list to receive them. 

Is baloney hard to find?

Oh Hell no.  You can get it at any grocery store or Quickie Mart.

Why am I suddenly craving baloney?

Because our catchy rhyme has brought back fond memories.  
Did you get bologna sandwiches in your lunch box when you were a kid?  What about when you wanted a quick snack?  Do you remember prying open the sealed bologna package, and slapping one of the round pieces on your tongue.  Or rolling it up like a cigar and eating it?  Remember what that was like?  And how it left that layer of filmy meat grease on the roof of your mouth?  
Relive those moments by coming into Horn Photo and getting your free baloney when you try out a Sony.

What can I possible do with free baloney?

Have you ever had a fried bologna sandwich?  If not, you haven’t lived.  
Now that you’re all grown up, take it to the next level.  Turn your free bologna into a real treat!  Invite your boss and their spouse over for dinner and feed them fried bologna sandwiches.  They will never forgive you!  I mean, they will never forget the gourmet dinner you served!

What’s the best recipe for baloney sandwiches?

Wonder bread (vitamin fortified, of course)
Individually wrapped American Cheese slices
Lays Potato Chips


Heat up butter in a cast iron skillet.
Using a sharp knife, or your fingernail, make a couple of slits in the bologna so it won’t curl up in the skillet.
Fry the bologna until it looks somewhat good enough to eat.
Meanwhile, smear a glob of mayonnaise and mustard on the vitamin fortified Wonder Bread and set aside.
Remove the bologna from the skillet and place the nutritious slabs on the bread.
Add a slice of American cheese.  Make sure you remove the wrapping.  (It can be hard to tell if the wrapping is off or on the cheese, however, if you leave it on, it won’t taste quite as good)  
Add a layer of Lays potato chips
Put the top piece of bread on your creation.
Add more butter to the skillet.
Fry both sides of the sandwich until golden brown.  

What wine goes the best with baloney?

Ya, we know the rule: Pink meats and Rose. Trust though...fried bologna sandwiches pair nicely with a Pinot Noir!  Another option is Pepto Bismol.

Thanks for reading!