So you can at least feel like you’re going somewhere


Are you planning on traveling sometime before the world comes to an end?   You’ll need a current passport.

Just think of the onslaught of passport applications there will be when other countries no longer think we’re riddled with disease! Be ahead of the rush, and get yours started today.
Did you know that Horn Photo is in the Passport business? We are an official passport photo processor, satisfying all US Department of State passport regulations.  
And guess what?!  Horn Photo is so international that we can take and process your passport and visa photos no matter what country you’re a resident of.
Different countries have different requirements for their passport photos.  Horn Photo’s passport computer is so technologically advanced, that we can generate photos that meet the criteria for passports for any country in the world. And beyond!  
Places like:
Just to name a few


What the hell.  Come in and have your photo taken for your passport even if you have no intention of getting a passport JUST SO YOU CAN TAKE YOUR MASK OFF IN PUBLIC!!!  

1. What if I hate my picture?

Our compassionate and understanding staff will show you your picture on thescreen.  We will retake it if you:  
Have a goofy look on your face
Have your eyes closed
Have a booger hanging out of your nose
Or simply don’t like the way it looks.
Please note, we are not magicians.  Also, there is a salon next to Horn Photo.  You can go over there, get a total make-over, then come back and try again for a better photo.

2. Do I have to have an appointment to get my passport photo?

No.  You do not need an appointment.  Come in during our business hours for passport photos.

3. Do you take passport photos of minors?

Yes!  We frequently take passport pictures of children and even of babies!  We have no age limit on who is eligible for passport photos.
They can be fresh out of the womb, and we’ll take their passport photo.  We do not take ultrasound photos,so please wait until the baby is born.  
If the baby doesn’t like the photo, we’ll retake it.   

4.  Do the passport photos work for the US Passport Card?

Yes!  Our passport photos do meet the requirements for the less expensive US Passport Card, which is valid for entering the US from Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean and Bermuda at land-border crossings or sea ports of entry. 

5. How much do passport photos cost?

All passports come in sets of 2 photos.  
Price for each adult is $16.99
Price for each child under 5 is $34.99.
International Passport & Visas is $39.99 (these include other counties besides USA)
For a more detailed price list, click here:

6.  Why are passport photos for children under 5more expensive?

 That is an excellent question.  You might think that they would be less expensive, since their faces are so much smaller than adults faces.  But…..Have you ever tried to take a picture that meets stringent government regulations, of a child under five?    

7.  Do I have to wear a mask when my photo is taken?  

No.  The government wants to see your entire mug on the passport. Including your nose,mouth and chin.  All of it.  No mask, no eyeglasses, no wax Halloween lips, no Billy Bob teeth.  You can hold all that stuff in your lap while we’re taking the picture.

For Women Only:

Here’s an important tip from the author (a woman of mature age): Have you been wearing a mask in public for months?  You may have neglected some basic grooming.  So, get out your magnifying mirror and some good tweezers. You know the rest.  

What we can’t do:

Horn Photo cannot:
- Do your hair and makeup for the photo
- Alter your appearance through Photoshop (i.e. make you look younger)
- Pay for your trip
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