Demos, deals and a class!


1. Lumix Days are coming. Join the FUN!

Demos, deals and a class!  

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, August 11th, 12th and 13th.

Watch the Mark’s video! Below... 

Horn Photo will be featuring Panasonic Lumix brand cameras and lenses this weekend!  Panasonic Lumix expert, Mark Toal, will will teach a class called "Video Photography for Still Photographers" on Thursday evening. Keep reading for more details! Mark will be behind our camera counter all day Friday doing demos and answering questions. He’ll be coming with some fantastic deals.   The deals will continue into Saturday, even after Mark has left the building.

2. Look at our other savings on popular Lumix items  

Check out these additional savings on popular Lumix items.   Available IN-STORE!!

Click Picture to see S5
Click Picture to see S1H
Click Picture to see FZ80
Click Picture to see FZ1000M2

3. We will pay your taxes!

Not your income taxes or property taxes.  Sorry if we got your hopes up.  
We will pay your sales tax when you buy any Lumix camera or lens this Friday and Saturday!
That would be no big deal if we were in Oregon, but since California has the highest sales taxes in the country, it is a big deal.   Now you don’t have to drive to Oregon to buy your Lumix!  Wow. Think of the money we just saved you on gas!

Watch the Mark’s video!  

4.  Sign up for Mark’s class, “Video Photography for Still Photographers”

Thursday Aug 11th from 6:30 to 8:00pm

A lot of still photographers are hesitant to shoot video.  Mark Toal will take you step-by-step through the process of shooting video with your current camera.  He will also show you the process of editing your videos and uploading them to YouTube or Vimeo.
We don’t normally offer this class at Horn Photo.  We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. 
Register here:

5. Celebrate your Lumix purchases with priceless gifts from Horn Photo!

You will walk with your head held high when you’re wearing your new Horn Photo hat that you’ll receive when you purchase any Lumix camera or lens.  Hang on to that new hat, because there’s more!  You’ll also get a Horn Photo mug!  These priceless gems are not available to just anyone.  

6. Here’s a little something about Mark Toal.

Mark lives in Portland Oregon and specializes in street photography, but also loves shooting portraits, landscapes and videos. Mark takes his camera everywhere he goes.  Because of this, he has captured hundreds of interesting shots while walking around Portland and other cities that he visits—including Fresno and Clovis.
Mark is a great teacher.  He has made dozens of training video for Panasonic.
Thanks for reading!

This G95 kit deal is an IN-STORE DEAL. Only at HORN PHOTO!!!

Click Picture to see G95