No matter how you pronounce it, you'll love your Lumix!


1. Lumix: Is it pronounced Lumm-ox or LOOOO-mix!  

How would you pronounce it? Watch the video!

Q. Who is saying Lumix the right way? The snooty lady or the guy with the mullet?
A. Mullet Man is pronouncing Lumix correctly.


2. With a name like Lumix, it has to be good!

Smuckers isn't the only great brand with a funny name!

A Lumix camera may just be the perfect choice for you, or the perfect gift for a loved one. Lumix has a wide variety of cameras to choose from. They range from point and shoot pocket size cameras to full-frame mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses.
Do you shoot portraits? Do you shoot epic landscapes? Do you create videos? Do you vlog? No matter what you like to shoot, there's a Lumix for you.

3. Simplify your life with a Lumix Point and Shoot

Many point and shoot Lumix cameras to choose from!

From a waterproof camera that you can fit in your pocket, to a camera with fixed Leica mega-zoom lenses, and everything in between! Lumix point and shoot cameras bring you exceptional image clarity and durability to your on-the-go photography.
Check out our selection of Lumix point and shoot cameras:

4.  Satisfy your Creative Side with the Versatile Lumix G-Series Cameras!

Micro Four Thirds Mirrorless Cameras with Interchangeable Lenses

Whether you are into still photography, cinematic productions, broadcasting or live streaming, there is a Lumix G-Series for you. Lumix camera's design enables a light, compact body, while still giving you cutting edge video, audio, and creative controls. You can even produce a printable high resolution photo from a single frame in your 4K video.
Check out our selection of Lumix G-Series cameras here:

5. Push your boundaries of photography with the Lumix S-Series

Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras with Interchangeable Lenses that withstands harsh conditions

These rugged dust/splash/freeze-resistant cameras can produce fine art landscape photos, to high quality video recordings. Lumix is an industry leader in video recording performance, intuitive control and a weather sealed design.
Check out our selection of Lumix S-Series cameras here:

6. Touch and try Lumix at Horn Photo!

We encourage you to check out our variety of Lumix cameras. We will help you pick the right Lumix camera and lenses for you!
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