and wearing a hat, in Fresno sunshine.


Did you know that you can increase your life expectancy by seven years when you drink at least 12 oz of coffee per day out of a sturdy mug?  
Read on, it gets better.  
Plus, you can double that average and live 14 years longer just by drinking coffee while wearing a matching hat.  
It’s true.  You can read it for yourself on the internet!   Well, actually, you just did.   What more proof could you possibly need?

Horn Photo wants to help you live longer

Horn Photo wants you to live longer.  It’s good for our business.  And for that reason, we have created custom mugs from which you can drink your life extending elixir.  It doesn’t matter whether you drink it black,or with cream and sugar, it’s the mug that matters.
We also created custom hats that match the mugs.  These were specially designed to keep your life essence from escaping out of the top of your skull as you drink your coffee.    
These mugs and hats will be available at Horn Photo for a limited time.

How you can get your life extending hat and mug

It’s simple.  When you come into Horn Photo and purchase a camera, we will give you a hat. When you purchase a lens, we will give you a mug.  When you purchase a camera and a lens we will give you both a hat and a mug!
We can help you find a camera and lens that is right for you and within your budget.
Yes, that’s right.  Simply spend a little to a whole lot of your hard-earned money at our camera counter, and we will give you your hat and mug for FREE.  

Shop local!

Horn Photo is a family owned local business that has been in Fresno since 1938. We attribute our longevity as a business to serving you—our loyal customers!
Now that we have our custom coffee mugs and matching hats, we plan on being around for many more years to come! 
Thanks for reading!

Hats and coffee and photographers