Top Questions Answered about:


Top Questions Answered about:


Horn Photo purchases used cameras and lenses all year long.  Plus, twice a year we have our major Cash4Cameras weekend events that bring in lots of customers wanting to get cash or credit for their cameras and other equipment.  
Periodically, camera manufacturers have their own trade-in bonus events.   They offer extra incentive for customers thinking of trading in their current or older cameras in order to purchase the latest equipment.
What are the benefits of trading in your equipment?  And when is the best time to do that?  Here are the most frequently asked questions about our various trade-in programs.

1.What can I trade in?

Horn Photo will accept any WORKING camera or lens,including film cameras.  

2.How do I get a quote for my camera?

To get a quote for your camera, you can bring it into Horn Photo and have our staff evaluate the value. Our staff will let you know your options for trading in your equipment.

3.How much can I get for my trade-in?

Our trained and knowledgeable staff evaluates all trade-ins.  We will provide a value that will be fair to you, as well as leave some room for us to profit.  However, during our manufacture trade-in bonus events, you can receive an additional $100 to $300 for your equipment.

4.Do I get the trade-in bonus on top of any instant rebate or sale price?

YES!  To save you the most money possible, any manufacturer trade-in special is an ADDITIONAL savings on top of the current price of the equipment, including sales prices.

5.Why do manufacturers offer a trade-in program?

They want to make it an easy for you to own their latest equipment.  They are confident that by enjoying their cameras, you will be a convert to their new product.  It is beneficial for the manufacturer to gain new customers and spread the word to their friends and family about their amazing new camera.        

6.Will I get more money through Horn Photo’s everyday trade-in system, or the manufacturer’s trade-in offer?

Horn Photo will match or exceed any manufacturer’s website trade-in offer. 

7.  Can I trade in more than one camera?

Manufacturers will honor one for one.  You can trade in one camera for every camera purchased.  If you buy two cameras, you can trade in two cameras.  If you buy one hundred thousand cameras, you can …….. You get the picture.

What we cannot do:

We cannot take things like tripods, lighting equipment and other photographic gear as trade-ins. Only cameras and lenses.
If these multiple offers sound confusing, they can be. If you want to trade in more than one piece of gear it can get complicated. Don’t worry – we know the rules and the loopholes. We’re here to help you get the best equipment for your needs with the best deals so let us know what you want to accomplish and we’ll take the journey together.
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