With a Wolverine F2D Saturn Film Scanner!


You asked “How do I Bringing Back Our Loved Ones”

Ever tried a seance to bring back your dead relatives? Did it work?  Or  dabbled with a Ouija Board to contact Aunt Mabel? How’d that go?  
Bringing back dead relatives is not always easy.   It can be scary, especially if you happen to conjure up the wrong relatives.  And, it’s often hard to get those folks to leave.  So, then you’re stuck with an attic full of ghosts making weird noises all night long.  
We have the perfect solution!    
You can bring back only the loved ones that you want. And here’s the best part:  You can do this for ONE LOW PRICE!    
It doesn’t matter when they died, or how they died. Cremated?  No problem.  Don’t know where they’re buried?  That’s okay. You can bring them back in a matter of seconds.   Even if they died 100 years ago from scurvy!  
Let us explain.
The WOLVERINE Film to Digital Converter makes bringing back your loved ones possible, by digitizing all those old family negatives and slides. 
You know you’ve been wanting to get your old film and slides preserved for future generations!  Not only will you be doing the right thing, but imagine how much fun it will be to see all those great memories again. 
No longer will you have to rely on professional scanning services,(even though Horn Photo does a hell-a job on scanning). Digitizing from home will save you $$, bring great pleasure and a sense of accomplishment!
Here are just a few of the advantages of using the Wolverine compared to the old-fashioned way of bringing back your loved ones:
•     It’s completely safe
•     It’s not scary
•     You can do it in the light
•     You’re attic won’t be full of unwanted spirits



You may be wondering:    

1. How does the Wolverine work?

The Wolverine scans your slide or negative, then creates a digital image file.  This file can be used in a variety of ways.  They can be stored on your computer, tablet or smart phone; shared with others, downloaded to a CD, used to make prints, and more.  If you’re into Photoshop…the possibilities are limitless.
The Wolverine does not damage your original slide or negative.  
It’s simple to use:
Turn on the power
Place your film or slide into the adapter
You’ll see your image on the 4.3” viewing screen
Press two buttons - convert and save
That’s it.  It’s FAST!!!
Each image is converted in SECONDS!

2. How much does the Wolverine cost?

$159.99 plus tax.   Yep.  That’s it.  There’s no additional cost to operate this device.  No ink, no adapters, no cords,no batteries, nothing.  
Think of the money it can save you from having to pay to have your film and slides digitized from a professional.  The Wolverine is SO worth it.

3. What sizes will the Wolverine scan?

Here’s what it will scan and convert:  
Film negatives - 120mm professional size, 35mm,
and even 127 negatives
Microfiche (who has microfiche?)

4. What size or resolution will the scans be?

20 Megapixels!!!  Yes, you read that right.     

5.  How much space does the Wolverine take up? 

It is small but it’s mighty.  It will literally fit in the palm of your hand, provided that you are a basketball player.  It is easy to store in a cupboard or a shelf and takes up less room than the container on your blender.  

6.  Where does the Wolverine store my images?

You have options. It will save your images on an SD memory card, or right to your computer. You can even connect the Wolverine to your TV for direct playback.

7.  What if my slides or negatives need adjusting?  

You can make adjustments right on the scanner.  Exposure, contrast, and color can all be adjusted as you’re converting your image.

What does it not do…..  

Scan and digitize 8mm or 16mmmotion picture film. Sorry the Wolverine will not scan movie film.😔

There’s no limit to what you can bring back to life.  
•      Uncle Burt  
•      Your pet hamster.
•      The house where you grew up.
•      The wild party where you threw up.
Whatever you have trapped on your old film negatives and slides.

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Thanks for reading!