You asked for a blast from the PAST!



Thank goodness for this much needed break from having a successful business. We were getting tired of being busy, visiting with customers, restoring all those old family photos and processing the rolls of film. That’s boring.  We’d much rather spend our time watching old videos while being consumed with anxiety.  
Throughout the years, Horn Photo has created dozens of videos.  Our most recent ones can be viewed right here on our blog page.  We’ve gone through our older videos and selected some of our favorites to share with you.  
Let’s have some fun!  Here are our top ten Horn Photo videos, not in any particular order.

1. My Mother Myself?

Mother’s Day (2013)
You’ve heard the phrase, “a face only a mother could love”.  That doesn’t apply in all cases.  In this video, Stan plays a mother.  We showed it to Stan’s actual mother, and instantly her love for him was gone.  

2. Did you know that most cameras don’t float?

Sully in the Spa (2012)
Sullivan Grosz, son of Stan and Shelly, stars in this unique film about a young man and his camera in a vat of hot water.  We think that the bubbles are jets from the spa, but we’re not sure.  Sullivan had just eaten some spicy chili beans.  

3.  Who knew Stan had a crush on Justin Bieber?

Bieber Koozie (2012)
Hop in a convertible with Stan and Shelly as they blast Justin Bieber on the car stereo.   Stan is smitten with JB.  He’s even got Justin Bieber paraphernalia.   Stan and the Biebs.  Only in Fresno could these two worlds collide.

4. Is this a joke?

April Fools! (2019)
Every year Horn Photo likes to play an April Fools joke.  2020 was Clicking Caravan presents a Live Human Birth.  You can find that on our blog page.
Last year’s video demonstrated an amazing feature on the new Nikon.   You just have to see it.  It will make you smile.  It sure made Shelly smile.

5.  Why would anyone go to our store after seeing this?

Living Sign (2012)  
This video was shot in public.  People saw this and didn’t call the police.  What does that tell you about our city?   

6.  Who comes up with this s#*t?

Mr. Print (2016)
How does a doctor and a nurse save a man, who is deathly ill, by ordering a print?  And this doctor is still practicing after all of the malpractice suits?  

7. Did he get a language coach to teach him Pirate?

Pirate’s Booty (2015)
Is there a category in the Academy Awards for accent mastery?  If so, Stan would have an Oscar sitting on his mantle for this epic performance.  He was so into the role, he considered having his leg cut off and replacing with a wooden peg, but he couldn’t find a doctor to perform the surgery.  (Guess he hadn’t met the doctor in the previous video.) 

8.  Kids, don’t try this at home, ok?

Peanuts!  Get your Peanuts Here!  2019
Stan was blocked up for days after he made this video.  He should have chased them down with some prune juice.

9.  Adults, don’t try this at home, ok?

CovidClean (2019)
This is Stan’s brain…and this is Stan’s brain on stress.  Stan needed to unleash something creative the day we all found out many businesses would be temporarily closing due to Covid19.  This is what comes from Stan’s brain on stress.  

10. Why is this man not in a straight jacket?

Warning!!!  Don’t watch if you suffer from coulrophobia  (Fear of Clowns)
CreepyClown (2012)
This is the stuff nightmares are made of.  When you watch this, you will feel like you died and went to Hell.  But then you’ll want to buy a camera at Horn Photo?   Not sure how that works.  

Bonus vintage video

Horn Photo Promo from 1995
On what planet was this car cool?  Uranus? You’ll recognize some local landmarks.
Hope you enjoyed the show.  For more funny videos,check out our blog page and watch:
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Thanks for watching and stay safe