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Film Processing

There is something so honest about film.  We understand what attracts many people to shooting with film as opposed to digital.
Film shooters aren’t quite sure what they are going to get with film until they have it processed.  The gratification they get from shooting with film besides the wonderful noise the shutter makes when they take the picture,is when they see the final results.  It’s vastly different than knowing what you’re getting at the instant that you take the shot, as you would with digital.
We appreciate our customers that prefer film to digital, and we are proud to be able to meet their growing needs.
Film is very much alive at Horn Photo!  We develop film daily.  Our photo lab technicians have a combined experience that spans several decades.  
Our lab processes all standard formats of color and black and white negative film including 135 (35mm), 120, and 240 (APS) film formats.  We also develop disposable cameras.
Each and every image is individually analyzed to optimize color, density and sharpness.  We process multiple formats and provide digital files.
The Easiest way to get your film developed???  ONLINE!  Here’s how:
Place your order and pay online,mail us your film, and have it processed and returned to you without ever coming in to the store!
Ordering online is simple.  Our online ordering system will guide you through every step of the process. It will give you options for how you want to receive your developed film.  It will also give you instructions on how to package and where to send your film. Here’s a link:
You can also drop your film off at the store.

Here are the most commonly asked questions we hear regarding purchasing film processing:

1. Does Horn Photo process single use cameras?

Yes, of course we do! We call them disposable cameras, since they are simply a roll of film that is contained in a camera body that doesn’t get used again.  
We simply pop open the disposable camera, and pull out the roll of film for processing.  It looks like any other roll of film that you may have seen.  We then send the camera to a recycling facility.
 We process disposable cameras every day at Horn Photo.  There is no difference from all the other film we process.

2. How long does it take to get my film developed?

Horn Photo’s processing time for color film usually takes one day.  So, if we receive your color film on a Wednesday, it will most likely be done on Thursday by 5:00 PM.  
Black and white film is different.  It is processed by hand, and it takes a longer.  We develop our black and white film orders on Tuesdays and Fridays. Normally, if we receive your B&W film on a Monday, it’ll probably be done on Tuesday afternoon, however, if we receive your film on Tuesday afternoon, it won’t be done until Friday.  
The amount of film we receive from you has a bearing on how long it will take us to process.  If you bring us 50 rolls of film, it will take longer than if we receive one roll of film.  

 3. Do I have to get prints at the time that I get my film developed?

It’s entirely up to you! You don’t have to get prints at the time you get your film developed.You can just get the film scanned, and order prints later.   However, it is a little cheaper to get your prints made at the time of developing.
You will have a disk or the digital scans of all of your images, so you can pick and choose which images you would like printed, and order the prints in any size at any time.

 4. What are my digital storage options?

You have two options: You can have the digital scans put on a compact disk (CD), or you can have them sent through DropBox to your email address.  You can also choose to have both CD and sent through DropBox.

 5. Should I keep my negative film?

It is entirely up to you. If you feel comfortable having your digital images without keeping your negative film, let us know, and we will dispose of it.  Otherwise, you can pick up your negative film at Horn Photo.  We will hang on to your negative film for 30 days after processing.

6. What size does Horn Photo scan my film?

Horn Photo offers two options for scanning your 35mm film.  High resolution and standard resolution.  
High resolution provides you with a digital image that is6774 x 4492 px.   Standard resolution provides you with a digital image that is 3089 x 2048 px.
In the case of 120 film, the resolution will depend on what kind of camera format you have i.e. 645, 6x6, 6x7, etc.  We always scan 120 film with the largest scan that our scanners will work on.

 7.  How much does it cost to have my film processed?

There is no simple answer for that question since the types of film and the options for processing greatly very.
 Please refer to the price list below.  
Always go to know, what we cannot do…..
We do not process slide film.  It hasn’t been profitable, so we refer slide film processing to other labs.  
We also cannot process cine film or Seattle Filmworks film.  It has properties that gum up our lab chemistry.
 Keep shooting, and thanks for reading! More info is available on our film landing page:

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Film Is Truth!