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Horn Photos most exciting Clicking Caravan so far!

LIVE HUMAN BIRTH - Watch Video Now

When’s the last time you photographed a woman giving birth?  You will be able to do just that at our Clicking Caravan tonight.
Clicking Caravan strives to offer our participants something different every time; from wineries, to air shows, to boxing matches. Well, this time, it’s the birth of a human baby!  
Our favorite pregnant customer Dawn Higgins, is in the early stages of labor, and has agreed to have her in-home birth this evening, Wednesday April 1st, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at our store! Just for Clicking Caravan!  She doing this in exchange for the two travel size bottles of Purell Stan found in his glove compartment.  What a great deal for all of us!
A little bit about Dawn Higgins:  Dawn has been coming into Horn Photo since early 2019. She’s never really purchased anything, but she likes drinking our coffee and using our bathroom.  She’s a real nice gal.  When Dawn found out she was pregnant, she was convinced that this was the result of an immaculate conception, since she can't remember who may have fathered her child.  We’ve learned that she is prone to drunken black-out episodes, and the truth is, she will probably not be giving birth to the next Messiah.  Either way, it will be an unforgettable evening.
The beauty of Birth!
Dawn and her midwife will be set up in a comfortable spot in the middle Horn Photo’s back patio.  Our patio has just enough space for a woman giving birth plus around 50 photographers spaced at least six feet apart.  So, sign up right now, because space is limited.
As always, Clicking Caravan is FREE!  
We guarantee that Dawn will have her baby during our scheduled Clicking Caravan.  In the unlikely event, that she doesn’t give birth on time, you will receive a full refund.
This will be exciting two hours from start to finish. This is Dawn’s first baby, and it will be all natural, with out medication.  
•      Be there when her water breaks!  
•      Count the moments between contractions!  
•      Hear the bloodcurdling screams as the birth takes place!  
Not sure you have the right lenses?  Don’t worry, our experts will be there to help.  Reps from Panasonic and Sony will be at the event with cameras and lens loaners.  Borrow a long fast lens so you can keep your distance, but still get shots that are close and personal.  
Great moments need to be captured!
You won’t have to wake up early to see the crack of Dawn!
Horn Photo will provide lighting.  Out of respect for Dawn and her midwife, we ask that you don’t use flash.    We’ll use ProMaster Mobile Bicolor Ringlights, which adds a pleasant softening effect to even the most unattractive and wrinkly subjects.  
Capture the moment her water breaks.  Your decision to use a fast shutter speed to stop the action, or use a slower shutter speed and an ND filter for a creamier effect. Your choice!  
Be among the first to see as the baby’s head starts to crown, or it’s feet pop out. You never know, it could be breech!
Labor can be…well laborious.  So in addition to having a birth to photograph, we will have other activities.  There will be a taco truck, kegs of free beer, a Mariachi band, and drawings for prizes.  
Having a baby is such an emotional experience, and Dawn doesn’t know if she’s having a boy or a girl.  Get the thrilled look on her face if it’s a boy, or the sheer disappointment if it’s a girl.
If it’s a boy, don’t miss our follow up “Circumcision Clicking Caravan” next week at “Just the Tips Grill”  in downtown Fresno.
Thanks for reading, and stay healthy!

To register for Clicking Caravan’s Live Human Birth, CLICK HERE.

Stills and Video are encouraged