Sell us your used camera gear. Trade-in for cash, or trade-up to the newest gear!

CASH For CAMERAS 3-Day Event - November 2023

Cash 4 Cameras, our most popular event, is taking place Friday - Sunday Nov 17th through 19th. What is it? And how does it work?

WATCH THIS VIDEO from one of our past events.

Cash 4 Cameras is an opportunity for you to get top dollar for the camera equipment that you no longer use.  Whether it’s your late model mirrorless that has been sitting in your closet since you started using your new mirrorless, or it’s a dusty box full of grandpa’s photography stuff.  Trade it up for better gear, or sell it for money!   Why bother hanging on to camera gear if you’re not going to use it?
On Friday November 17th through Sunday November 19th, a team of expert appraisers will be at Horn Photo buying used camera gear.  At the same time Cash 4 Cameras is going on, we will also have Representatives from Sony, Canon and Panasonic Lumix in the store to show you their latest cameras and lenses!    They will be available to answer your questions, and let you touch and try their most popular items.    

Why it's the BEST TIME OF THE YEAR to upgrade to new gear?

This weekend is when you will be able to get the BEST DEALS OF THE YEAR, because manufacturers are offering bonus savings to those who trade up, in addition to the existing special deals! These additional savings are substantial, and only available in the store at Horn Photo during our event.

What is Cash 4 Cameras, and how does it work?

Cash 4 Cameras is made possible by Robert Kepko and his team, who travel from Florida to serve our customers.  They have been faithfully coming to Horn Photo for years  providing our customers with appraisals and offers for their used gear.  Without them, we would not be able to deal with the volume of used cameras and lenses that come through our store.  
Year after year, Rob and his team treat our customers with respect, honesty and integrity.
If you've been to our Cash 4 Cameras, you've already met Rob and Josh. If you’ve never been to one of our Cash 4 Cameras, here’s how it works:
You bring your old camera equipment to Horn Photo.  Our staff will check you in.   You’ll place your gear on a table where Rob, or Josh will appraise each item and offer you a price.  Once accepted, they will write you a check or give you a Horn Photo trade-in voucher to use to purchase new gear.   It’s just that easy.
We're not above the law! Rob's team and Horn Photo must abide by local laws when purchasing used camera gear.  In order for us to buy any used camera equipment from our customers, we must check the customer’s driver’s license and obtain information from them including a digital fingerprint.   We take care of this during the speedy “check in” process.

Here are answers to the seven most frequently asked questions we get regarding our Cash 4 Cameras event.

1.  Why should I sell my gear at Cash 4 Cameras?  

Because it’s simple and it’s quick.  You walk in with your gear, and you walk out with a check or trade-in voucher.  You don’t have to post photos and descriptions of your gear on line, put your information on the internet, or meet some stranger in a hot parking lot in hopes of making a smooth transaction. 

2. How much should I expect to get for my gear?

Top dollar.  Rob and his team know this industry.  Appraising and purchasing camera equipment is what they do for a living.  They are familiar with their competition.  That’s why we can say they will pay you top dollar when compared to others that provide the same service.
Bring in the gear that you no longer use, and let them make you an offer.  You have nothing to lose!

3. Exclusive deals during Cash 4 Cameras!   

Our top-selling manufacturers will offer excellent additional savings when you trade-up. MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED! Stay Tuned to our social media and sign up our email newsletter to learn more! There will be certain deals that are TOO-GOOD to advertise online, so be sure to stop by!
Our camera staff and the Reps will be eager to showcase products and to reveal the jaw-dropping deals on our most popular cameras and lenses.  

4. I inherited some old cameras and lenses. Can I just sell you the gear?

Yes.  You don’t have to trade up to new gear.  You can bring your gear in, get your check, walk out and drive off.  We frequently have people coming to Cash 4 Cameras that have no interest in photography, but inherited a closet full of camera equipment. They can take the money and run!
No one will pressure you into stopping by Horn Photo’s camera counter, even though it sparkles and shines with the most enticing new cameras and lenses.
Do you have a substantial collection of camera equipment?
We can make special arrangements for Rob and Josh to view and appraise your collection before or after work hours. Let us know, and we can connect you with Rob prior to the event.

5. What kind of gear do you buy?

Just about anything related to photography, including old film. There’s more stuff that the appraisers do buy than there is stuff that they don’t buy. They even buy vintage signs related to photography! Your best bet is to bring in what you have and let them take a look at it.

6. How do I get paid?

You have a choice.  You can get paid with a company check or get a Horn Photo trade-in voucher to use towards new camera gear.  If you elect to get a trade-in voucher, it will include an additional 10% value. For example, if Rob and his team value your gear at $1,000, they will either write you a check for $1,000 or give you a Horn Photo trade-in voucher for $1,100. Likewise, if you bring in one million dollars worth of gear and decide to trade-up, you'll earn an additional one hundred thousand dollars. With that kind of money, you could buy our entire inventory and the first born children of several of our employees! That's incredible!

7.  How long does the process take?  

Minutes.  Once the appraisal team take a look at your equipment, they will make you an offer. They will write a check or give you a trade-in voucher within minutes after you’ve accepted their offer.  
There may be other customers ahead of you. This is a popular event, and it is first come - first served.  If there is a wait, we will have chairs set up for your comfort.  It’s hard to predict which days and times will be the busiest.  The good news is that the team of appraisers will be available for three days, Friday through Sunday.

8. Can I buy some of the stuff that you purchased from other customers?

Yes, but not right away.  Every year, people see the items that we bought from other people and want to purchase them. Local law requires that Rob has to hold on to purchases for 30 days.  At the end of the 30 days, they are allowed to sell the items.  If you are interested in a particular item that was purchased from another customer, let the sales staff at Horn Photo know exactly what you are interested in, and Rob will do his best to get you connected to that item.     

What we cannot do:  

We cannot accept your items to be appraised without proper identification and your thumbprint.  

Thank you for reading!

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