Yes, Create Custom Christmas Cards at Horn Photo!


Did you know that Horn Photo does a huge business in custom holiday cards?

People have trusted us for decades to print their special cards so they can share them with others.  Whether you want to send out precious cards, poignant ones, or hilarious cards, we do them well and we do them FAST.
Holiday, Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day — What are you celebrating this December? Make it special by sending out customized cards that you create!  Especially this year, since you may not have a big gathering, or any gathering.  Your family and friends will still want to see you, and maybe even stick you up on their refrigerator so they can gaze upon you every time they grab an eggnog, or more likely a beer.  Lighten up their day by sending them a creative card with photos.
Does it seem like a big project to create a custom Holiday card?  It’s as easy as picking out a few pictures and a design.  We do the rest.  
You can create your cards at home, or you can come into the store and we will help you!

1. Is it easy to create a holiday card?

It is so easy.  
You can either create your card from your home by using our simple to follow website, OR you can come into the store so we can help you. 
Even if you stink at art and design, you’ll still be able to make your own fantastic card by using our templates.   They are foolproof.
Our templates include styles, backgrounds, text placement, photo placement, everything you need.  All you have to do is provide the photo images! Drag them into the spaces that the really artistic people created.  Then change the sample text to say what you want it to.  
You can……..
Do it at home:
Are you pretty comfortable with the computer? And also comfortable in your robe and slippers?  Then create your cards from home by using our website.  
Do it in the store
Would you rather brush your hair, put on street clothes, come into the store and get some help?   Or are you less than fond of doing things over the internet?  Then by all means, let us guide you through the process on our computers.   We will need you to bring in your digital images.  They can even be on your phone! 

2. I want to make a custom holiday card.  How do I get started?

Here’s two very easy ways to start.  See which one works best for you.
1.  You can select the style of card you want first, then select which of your photos to drag into your card.
2.  Or you can start by selecting what picture or pictures you want on your card, and then look at our styles of cards, and pick the one that will work with your pictures.
If you are set on a particular photo, or several photos that you absolutely positively want to put on your cards, then go with #2.
Either way, here is the link to get started
It will take you to a place of infinite possibilities. This will either be your Nirvana, or your Nightmare, depending on how you are with making decisions.  There are hundreds of styles.  No reason to be overwhelmed—You can narrow the choices way down by using the filters and selecting only the options you want.
Tip:  Look at the orientation of your pictures.  Are they vertical, horizontal or square?  Or a combination?  You will want to match the style of card that you select with the orientation of pictures that you have.
Pick the card style that you like a lot, and stick with it.
Keep in mind,you really can’t go wrong with your style selection.  No one is going to say,  “OMG, I can’t believe Pat picked the Folded5x7, burgundy background, three square images and the Brush Script font.  Everyone knows Pat should have gone with the Double Sided Green Card Stock with the Helvetica Font and one vertical image.  How gauche!”   That’s simply not going to happen.  Here’s what is going to happen:  Your friends and family are going to think you’re an artistic genius!
Getting started:
It’s really easy to follow the prompts.  First, you click on the type of card you want. Then, select the options listed, and click Begin Creation.  Don’t worry. Begin Creation will not have any effects on the universe.  It’s just the title given to start the card-making program.  This program is so user friendly, it practically whispers in your ear every step of the process.  We hope that doesn’t creep you out.

3. What are my choices? Here are the basic format choices.

Option #A Flat card 1-sided:
This card is the easiest to make and least costly of all the cards.  For less than the price of a bunch of bananas, you can have some of these made to send off to your circle of friends.
Option #B Flat card 2-sided:
If you don’t want to write messages, and since a picture is worth a thousand words, you can put a lot more pictures on two sides of a card than one.  They can take the place of up to 8,000 words!
Option #C Folding Card:
Do you want to write something to the recipient? This would be a good year to have a folded card so you can share a personal message to those you may be miss seeing during the holidays.

Option #D Accordion Card:
No, Weird Al and Lawrence Welk, you cannot make music with this card.  It’s not that kind of accordion.  But it will let you create a lot of impact with all the images you can pack into it. 

4. How much does it cost?

We can put you in a brand new card for less than you think!  And truly, when was the last time you experienced the joy of that new card smell?
The price depends on what type of card you get, and how many you want.  You can order from one card to over 300.  The more you order, the less you’ll pay for each card.  Please understand, it will never reach  a price point where we pay you for the cards, no matter how many cards you get. The prices can be as low as $1.19 per card.  
Prices are listed on each template. Prices include envelopes.  You can upgrade to a fancy-schmancy envelope for an additional cost. Envelope colors choices: White, Red, Green, or Gold Foil, Red Foil & Silver Foil
Design your own from scratch

5. What if I don’t want to use a template? Can I make a card from scratch?

Our card templates will fit square images and rectangular images either horizontal or vertical.   If you only have pictures in the shape of a trapezoid, we suggest you go elsewhere. Like another planet.  However, if you would like to create your own card from scratch, you can do that.   
Here’s how:  
Follow this link, and simply choose your size and type (1-sided,2-sided, folded, etc.).  You will have a blank slate to work with. You can pick various sizes as well.
Example of Bleed
This is a great way to create not only your holiday cards, but also birthday, graduation, baby announcements, and more.
Tip:  Make sure when you’re creating your own design, you extend your file all the way to the edge. Example 5x7 Card needs to be 5.25"X7.25" with no photos or text near the edges.
That way, when the cards are trimmed to size, there will be no chance of any white lines that you aren’t expecting.  However, don’t include anything you want visible outside of the trim lines.  
We have customers who make their own cards every year using their wild imagination and good Photoshop skills.
Here is an example:
Famous Flanigan Holiday Card
MORE Flanigan cards at the bottom of this story. Scroll down.
If you had a Personal Custom card created by a designer on Esty this is where you would order those prints, (to get printed in Horn Photo's Lab), from the design. Here is a link to

6. What if I have a wild idea for a Christmas Card but don’t do Photoshop?    

Horn’s Photoshop Wizard Does!
Have an idea?  Talk to us about it.  You may be surprised at what we can do.  The prices will vary if our Wizard creates your holiday cards using the magic of Photoshop.  
You will need to bring us your images and your wild idea.  We will show it to the man behind the curtain, and let you know if it’s possible and the price.    Scroll down to see a few cards that we created for customers last year. We have done thousands over the years. Hopefully some have been on your refrigerator.
If you are interested in the services of our Photoshop Wizard, let us know before Thanksgiving.  After that, all bets are off.  We anticipate being very busy during the holiday season. But we do love last minute challenges.

7.  How long does it take to receive the cards after I order them?

Your cards will be ready for pick up faster than you can sing ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’.  Many card orders are done in a day. Yes, you read that right.
Here’s the breakdown:
When you order a single-sided card through our computer system, (either from home or at the store), your order will be ready in a day or less. Depends on what time of day you place your order?
Your Double-sided cards are ready in two days.
Your Folded and accordion cards are ready in three days. 
Custom Cards: See it before it’s printed, when we make your custom card! If you order a custom card created by Stan, (our Photoshop Elf), he will have a proof for you to look at within a day or two.  If you like what you see, our lab will print your cards in two days or less.  So, the sooner you come in, see the proof, and give us the nod, the sooner we will print your cards.
Important Advice from St. Nick…….
CHECK YOUR SPELLING!  Otherwise yore card well be a sorce of embarrassmint for manny years to kome.

You ask, what can Horn Photo NOT do?

Reprint copyrighted images
Mail out your holiday cards
Do your holiday shopping

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Thanks for reading!

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