Creative Controls and Exposure



GOOD NEWS!  We have recorded our most popular class, Camera Essentials.  Watch it here, at your leisure!

Horn Photo holds this basic photography class in our store four times a year.  We have now made it available in video form for everyone to see.  Let us help you improve your knowledge so you can get fired up about photography!

1. How much does it cost to view the video?

IT’S FREE to watch the video!  
(Our in-store class normally costs $35 per person, and we ALWAYS sell out.)  

2. How do I access the video?

Just CLICK on the video!
There’s no registration, log-in, password, or pop-up ads.   You don’t have to provide any information to us.  No phone number, no home address, no information on where you keep your hide-a-key.
We have no ulterior motive. We really are just that nice!

3.  What fundamentals does the video cover?

This class will help take you out of “Automatic” mode, but won’t overload you with too much detail. You will get tons of information, but nothing complex.  You’ll see many examples of great photography, and learn techniques that will enable you to tell your camera what it is you want your photos to look like. 
By watching this video you will understand:
• Aperture
• Shutter Speed
• Focal points
• Composition
• Reasons for different lenses
• And MUCH more

4. Who teaches the video tutorial?

Camera Essentials is taught by Aaron Rogers.  Aaron is the master of explaining the concepts of photography through visual demonstrations.  His effective teaching style will help you get the effects you want in your pictures. In this video, Aaron covers a head-spinning amount of basic photography, presented in a way that’s easy to understand.
Horn Photo has been fortunate to have Aaron on our team since 2010.  He is as passionate about teaching as he is about photography, and it shows in each and every class that he does.

5. How long is the video?

The video is about the same length of time as Aaron’s in-store class; close to two hours.   Watch it all at once, or watch it in sections. Whatever your time allows, and your brain can hold!

6. Why is Horn Photo offering this video for free?

This all came about because we had to cancel our Camera Essentials Class scheduled for March 26, 2020 due to COVID-19 concerns.  Naturally, all of the registrants received a full refund.  However, we did not want our class registrants to be disappointed. We wanted to make this video available for them to make up for the cancelled class.  
Since the class is in such demand and always fills up quickly, we decided to provide all of our customers and social media followers with the opportunity to watch the class online.  

7. What if I have questions about information provided in the class?

Aaron Rogers is always eager to assist you in improving your knowledge and help promote your passion for photography.  You can email your questions at But please WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST! He will probably answer your question before you can even ask it!

What this video won’t do:

It won’t teach you how to use Lightroom or Photoshop.
It won’t cover details about your particular camera brand.
Email me if you have burning questions
I might be busy when you email... stand by :)