At Clicking Caravan Thursday October 27th - 5 to 7pm


What are you doing on Thursday evening?  Do you want to participate in a fun photography event? How about trying out a Sony camera and lens for the event?  You can. For FREE!

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Our next Clicking Caravan will be at Shinzen Japanese Garden in Woodward Park on Thursday October 27th from 5:00 to 7:00PM.  Opportunities for photography are limitless!  In addition to the beautiful Japanese gardens, Horn Photo will provide professional models, lighting, access to the Clark Bonsai Collection, loaner equipment and even prizes.   It’ll be a super fun evening, and you won’t have to stay out past your bedtime!  You can be back home in time to watch Jeopardy.  
As an added plus,  keep your eyes out for this guy:

Dave Rhodes

No, he’s not one of the models.  He’s our Sony Rep.
Dave will be hobbling around or, more likely, sitting in a comfortable chair behind a huge array of Sony cameras and lenses.  He just had major knee surgery, so please don’t ask him to dance.

1. What is Clicking Caravan and what’s it have to do with Sony?

Clicking Caravan is a photo-outing adventure where Horn Photo and a Central Valley venue work together to provide you with a scene, models, and photo experts so you can practice your photography skills while having a great time with other photo enthusiasts and professionals.  It’s always free to attend.  Check out some of our past Clicking Caravan events:
Here’s where Sony comes in. We’ve invited Dave Rhodes from Sony to join us, and he’s coming with gear.  Lots of it. Dave will be loaning out Sony cameras and lenses for our participants to use during the evening.

2. How do I signup for Clicking Caravan?  

It’s easy, and it’s FREE. Register here for our next Clicking Caravan: 
When you register, your name will automatically be included in a drawing for prizes from Horn Photo.

3. What Sony gear will be available?

Dave Rhodes will have just about every model of Sony camera that has come out in the last five years.  Plus he is bringing a vast assortment of Sony lenses.  Dave is making more gear available to our participants than in any other event that we’ve ever had!   He will have practically every lens that Sony offers.  

3. Who is Dave Rhodes?

Dave is Sony’s Photo Specialty Technical Representative.  He has decades of photography experience with teaching photo enthusiasts  classes and workshops.   Dave Rhodes combines a love of photography with a desire to help others who want to learn how to use and have fun taking pictures with Sony cameras.   He knows Sony gear!  

4.  How can I borrow Sony gear?  

If you are registered for Clicking Caravan, and have a valid driver’s license and credit card, you can borrow a camera and/or a lens.  Dave will hold on to your license and credit card and return them to you when you return the gear to him.

5.  What’s going on the next day with Dave and Sony?

Dave Rhodes will be at Horn Photo on Friday from 10 to 5  demonstrating Sony products. You can touch
Come in for coffee.  Stay for Sony and the SPOOKY SAVINGS that we are offering on Sony products.  You can save up to $1000 with our Trade-In and Trade-Up opportunities.  Find out more when you join us on Friday!

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