$150 Rebate on the Panasonic Lumix G100



This is a rarity.  And it’s happening now, but not for long.

Lumix is offering a $150 instant rebate on their extremely popular G100 cameras.  This rebate is only available from February 7 through February 21.
This versatile camera just came out a few months ago, and it is a winner.
Here’s why this $150 rebate on the Lumix G100 is unheard of these days.  We have not been seeing fantastic deals on cameras lately because of COVID19.
Due to the pandemic, production just about everywhere has been down.   A reduction in staffing at manufacturers and distributors has created a shortage of the most popular cameras and lenses.  Camera stores are only receiving a fraction of their orders in many cases, and have been asking for patience from their customers as products come trickling in from the manufacturers.  As a result, the big camera companies are not offering rebates.  It’s all about supply and demand.  There’s more demand than there is supply.  
Our good friend, Mark Toal, is a professional photographer and Panasonic Lumix expert.  He LOVES this camera.  He sent us three short videos showing his seven favorite features of the Lumix G100. Watch the videos and read the blog. You’ll be sold on this handy little camera.

Here are Mark’s top seven things he loves about the Lumix G100:

1. Size  

Mark’s favorite feature is it’s size.  Small.  Tiny. Wee.   Easy to carry.  What good is a camera if it’s not with you.  Whether he’s driving, riding or walking, Mark always has this camera with him. In his car, on his bicycle, in his coat pocket, under his stovepipe hat, or in his colostomy bag.   The Lumix G100 never leaves his side.  

2. Articulating LCD Screen

The articulating LCD screen is great for vlogging, selfies, shooting high, shooting low.  You can go viral on YouTube with this camera, like Mark, who recently announced that he is a famous You-Tuber.  (We think he meant that he’s a famous tuber, like a potato or a yam.)  
It also has a high quality viewfinder, which is so important when it’s raining like it always does in Portland, where Mark lives, or when the blazing sun creates a glare, like it always does where we live in the Central Valley.

3. Great for Video

Mark is mainly a still photographer.  This is not to say that Mark is sedentary and inflexible.  It just means that he mostly takes still photographs.  However, he has two adorable granddaughters and he wants to video before they turn into gloomy teens. (Living in Portland, there’s a good chance they might go through a Goth stage, which can be OK for B&W stills, but not so good for video.)
Mark likes the ease in which the camera takes video.  All he needs to do is push a button, and the Lumix G100 does the rest.  

4. Great for Stills

Mark carries the Lumix G100 when he’s walking around Portland.  He’s captured many spontaneous moments that have turned into some of his favorite pictures.  People, pets, epic sunsets, flowers, city night scenes, and so on.

5. Wi-Fi with One Button

Wi-Fi could not be any easier with the Lumix G100.  One button, and your images are on your phone or tablet, then off to social media.  Mark does that all the time with the spontaneous moments mentioned above.  We can attest, he’s posted some wonderful images that were obviously not taken with a smartphone.  They’re too damn good.

6. Exceptional Built-in Microphone

Mark demonstrates the power of the Lumix G100 built-in microphone as compared to a standard built-in microphone.  It’s directional.  It automatically goes to the direction where it hears voices.  It’s a much better microphone than what you’ll find in other cameras of that size. WATCH MARK'S DEMO VIDEO:

7. Lenses

It comes with a compact yet versatile 12 to 32mm lens, but any Lumix G series lens will fit on it.
Here’s a little more about Mark.  He’s originally from Miami, but has been living in Portland for a bunch of years.  Portland is slightly greener than Fresno.  And it has a lot of flowering plants, hills, water, and other things that Fresno doesn’t have.  But…Fresno has Horn Photo.  
He used to travel all over the Western United States going to different camera stores teaching staff about Panasonic Lumix products. For some reason, he loved Horn Photo and Fresno the most.  We figured he told all the camera stores he loved them the most, but we found out that he really does love us the most.  
Actions speak louder than words.  In 2019, Mark got a different job assignment at Panasonic, and no longer visited camera stores.  He agreed to take on the new role with the condition he could still visit two stores.  One in Anchorage Alaska, and our little patch of paradise at Horn Photo.
When he’s not hanging around the camera counter at Horn Photo, or at Pismo’s, you’ll find him in Old Town Clovis on Pollasky having coffee or taking pictures with his… guessed it…..LUMIX G100!
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