Why do I need a Tripod?

A Dynamic Duo - Camera and Tripod

Throughout history there have been many iconic duos, Batman and Robin, Shaggy and Scooby, and of course Shaq and Kobe. But the one classic duo that predates all of these is a photographer and his trusty tripod. Tripods have a long history of being a photographer’s best friend, even Ansel Adams used a tripod to capture his iconic Yosemite photos.  Since the first camera was invented photographers have been using tripods to capture beautiful landscapes, portraits and product photography. Are you looking to take more creative photos? Read this blog, and see why a tripod is a crucial part of photography.
Our staff has compiled the most frequently asked questions our customers ask about tripods.

1. Why do I need a tripod?

There are many reasons to use a tripod but the three most important uses are for low light photography, landscape photography, and long exposures. If you find yourself shooting landscapes, a tripod is going to be your best friend.  You will be able to capture a much sharper image because of the stabilization that you can’t get with handheld photographs.
When shooting in low light it is important that your camera is very still and does not move; moving a camera in low light will cause your photo to look blurry. With a tripod, you are able to capture beautiful photos of the Milky Way, the moon and even comets like we saw last year!
Tripods also give you the super power of slowing down time! You can create beautiful long exposures such as slowing down water and even capturing star trails.
Check out the images at the bottom of this blog that our staff shot. Each of these beautiful photos would not have been possible without a tripod.

2. What brand of tripod should I get?  

The best way to find out which tripod is right for your photography is to come into Horn Photo and see our selection. Our staff will ask you questions, and depending upon your answers, they will direct you to the choices that will best suit your needs.  We carry Manfrotto, Benro, Promaster and Velbron. Each of these brands come with an in store warranty, this means if you have an issue we will gladly take care of you.

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3. Do I need a heavy tripod, or can I get by with a light-weight one?  

This is a very important question and one we get commonly.  The weight of your tripod is very dependent on what camera you use. If you have a heavy camera set up you want to make sure your gear isn’t going to fall over so having a heavy duty tripod is very important.  Bigger tripods are also much more durable, and if you're shooting in Yosemite the last thing you want is for your tripod to break on you or tip over and plunge down a granite cliff.  (If it does, don’t go after it.)  

4.  How much do tripods cost?  

The cost of a tripod varies. Ours range from $40 to $460. The price depends on the quality of the tripod. Come in and let us show you all the options; size, weight, strength, quality and style.

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5. Should I get a monopod instead of a tripod?  And what IS a monopod?

A monopod is a small version of a tripod; instead of having three expandable legs they only have one extension. This allows photographers to have a lightweight setup, move around quicker and is easier to shoot in crowded areas.You might want to choose a monopod over a tripod if you are shooting in a crowded sports area.

6.  Can a tripod help with vlogging?  

Tripods are the perfect accessory for anyone who is planning on vlogging.  These can fall into two categories; tabletop tripods and hand held tripods. The table top tripods are perfect for anyone creating social media content in a small area such as their room or office because they fit perfectly on your desk. Hand held tripods are great for anyone who is looking to be more mobile with their videos since they are lightweight and can be held with one hand.

7.  What should I look for in a video tripod?  

Sturdy legs and a fluid head are a must for a great video tripod in order to prevent jitters in your video. Sturdy legs will allow you to keep a heavier weight load without worrying about influences from exterior environments. A fluid head will allow you to capture smooth pans without seeing any hiccups in your movement. Video tripods additionally come with panhandles with maneuver your camera easier compared to a standard ball head.

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Here are some examples of Staff photos where a Tripod was a MUST!