Cash for Cameras Program Now Available All Year


Our most popular once-a-year event is now available all year long.

Cash For Cameras usually happens every Memorial Day Weekend.  This is when our customers come flocking in with their old cameras and lenses to get cash, or to trade up for new equipment. It is always our busiest weekend of the year.  The store is hopping.  Folks often have to wait inline to get top dollar for their used gear. But it’s worth it!  

Our regular customers frequently ask us “When is your next Cash for Cameras?”
Beginning now, Cash for Cameras will be available anytime! You don’t even have to come into the store to take advantage of it.  And, the best part — you’ll get the same great deals as you do during the special annual event.  
How is it possible to turn our biggest event of the year into a year-round program?
Here’s how we did it.  We’ve created a special partnership!
Cash for Cameras is made possible by Robert Kepko and Josh Kern, a team of expert appraisers that travel from Florida to Horn Photo.  They come here once a year to provide our customers with appraisals and offers for their used gear.  Without them, we would not be able to deal with the volume of used cameras and lenses that come through our store.
Horn Photo is excited and honored to partner with Rob and Josh year-round.  It is this partnership that has enabled us to offer our used gear purchases and trade-ins on-line, using pre-paid postage, ensuring a safe, quick and easy process for everyone involved.  

1. How does it work?

It’s simple!  Horn Photo’s Trade-In web page guides you through the process.
Click on “Request for Quote” and a form pops up.  It’s quick and easy to fill out and asks for the following:
Your Information;
Email Address
Phone Number
Home Address
Your Gear
Add a single photo of your gear  (cell phone photo is fine)
Comments on the item (optional) 
That’s all you need to complete.  No other information needed! Click the “Send me a Quote”button.  
Within one to two business days you will receive an email with an offer.

2. What kind of photography gear can I trade in?

Digital cameras and lenses.  
Film cameras and lenses.
35mm, medium and large format
Vintage cameras
Here are the brands they like to buy;
Nikon         Canon        Leica          Sony           Panasonic
Olympus    Pentax       Fuji            Mamiya     Hasselblad
Bronica      Yashica      Profoto      Rolleiflex   Andmore  
They are not interested in camcorders or home movie cameras.  

3. What if I don’t know the model or brand of my gear?

That’s okay!  They will be able to identify it by your photo.

4. What happens when I get an offer?

You will receive an email with the cash and trade-in offers and simple instructions of what to do next.  
The email will include a prepaid shipping label for you to print, and a confirmation of the cash offer, and the trade-in offer for your to print.  Mark which offer you’d prefer (cash or trade-in).   
Prepare your gear for safe shipping, place it in a shipping box, add the confirmation form to thebox, secure the prepaid shipping label, and drop it off at any US Post Office.

5. What’s the difference between choosing the cash option and the trade-in option?

We are glad you asked that question!!!  
The cash offer will be a more than fair price for your gear from Rob and Josh. The trade-in offer will include an additional 10% from us at Horn Photo.  
The cash will be mailed to your home address in the form of a check.  
The trade-in offer will be in the form of Horn Photo store credit, and will be available immediately upon acceptance of your gear.
Let’s say the cash offer (mailed check) is $500. Your trade-in offer will add an extra 10%, making it $550.
Here’s additional incentive:  Your favorite brands, such as Nikon and Sony, frequently have promotions that offer bonus savings when you trade-in for something new.  You can save a whole lot with a combination of a trade-in store credit plus bonus savings from the manufacturer.
Store Credit pay 10% MORE!

6. How long does it take to get the money or the trade-in credit after I ship my gear?

Within five days of receiving your gear in the mail, the team will examine it, to confirm it is in the condition as you described.  Assuming everything is ok, your check will be sent out within 24 hours.  If you choose trade-in credit, you will receive an email notifying you that your credit is ready whenever you are!  Horn Photo will have a record of it.  You will also have an email confirming your credit.  
If in the off-chance, your equipment does not arrive as described, you will receive a new quote for your consideration.  If you do not approve of the new quote, we will ship your gear back to you via USPS at our expense.

7.  Who are the appraisers?  

If you have attended any of our Cash for Cameras events in the past, you’ve already met one or both of them!  
Our good friends Robert Kepko and Josh Kern are expert appraisers from Florida who travel around the country purchasing people’s used camera equipment.  It’s their business.  
They have been faithfully coming to Horn Photo for years. We trust Rob and Josh implicitly to treat you with respect, honesty and integrity.
Mr. Rob Kepko
Rob Kepko, has 35 years experience in the photo industry working with dealers all across the country,including Horn Photo.  He has a deep passion for all things photography.  You feel his enthusiasm after spending a few moments with him.  He has an expert knowledge of current digital gear, vintage, collectibles and everything in between.  This passion and knowledge has served him well in developing confidence and trust with anyone looking to sell or trade-in their used gear.
Mr. Josh Kern
Josh Kern, brings the same passion and knowledge to the table. Josh ensures that each “Request for Quote” submitted is answered quickly and accurately.  

What we cannot do:  

We cannot take responsibility for equipment damaged in shipping.  Please package your gear carefully.
Any questions please ask us

Click HERE to start the Trade-In-or-Sell your Camera Gear

Just Do It!

Thank you for reading, and happy shooting!

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