The Seven ProMaster Products to Carry in your Camera Bag

Tripod, Memory Cards, ND Filters and More

ProMaster Products and Horn Photo, we rock!

Have you noticed that many of the products we sell at Horn Photo contain the ProMaster label?   These include tripods, filters, camera bags, memory cards…the list goes on and on.  So, what is ProMaster, and why should you care about it?
ProMaster is our house brand.  We own it.  We contribute input on the products they manufacture, along with the quality. ProMaster’s camera accessory products are comparable or better than many of the more expensive brands.
As a locally owned family business that’s been in Fresno for over 80 years, Horn Photo has remained successful through all sorts of challenging times.  Why? Because we’ve built relationships with our customers.  You realize that the moment you step inside our store.  We stock the products you ask for, because we listen to you! We also know that you want both quality and affordable camera accessories.
Serving Fresno ...since 1937
Our business continues to thrive because of our reputation. And our reputation depends on your satisfaction when it comes to our products and services.  ProMaster products are an important part of our business success.
You will not see ProMaster products at B&H or Adorama. You will only find these products at independently owned camera stores. Family owned local businesses, like ours.
ProMaster has an interesting history: 60 years ago a group of camera stores got together and created the Photographic Research Organization (PRO), and that’s when ProMaster products were born.  These camera store owners wanted to take control of the quality and the kinds of products that they provided to their customers. Horn Photo is part of that group. The ProMaster products are available in the U.S., Canada, Costa Rica, Australia and soon the UK!
The ProMaster Promise:  ProMaster has a one year unconditional warranty.  We stand behind our line of products.  If you purchase a ProMaster product anywhere in the country, you can return it at any other camera store that carries ProMaster for an equal exchange.
We carry hundreds of ProMaster products.   They range from pocket sized lens cleansing kits, to studio lighting kits.  We can’t begin to highlight all of them, so we asked Mike Northrup, ProMaster’s Vice President of Sales, photographer, and our good friend, to tell us what he carries in his camera bag.  

Mike Northrup - Vice President of PRO

Watch our Video of Mike's 7 Picks and/or read on...

Mike C. Northrup has spent the last 17 years helping people improve their photography by sharing his technical insights and tools of the trade.  After a decade as a wedding, portrait, and event photographer, Mike now spends his time creating nature,wildlife, and architectural photographs.
Guess what ProMaster products Mike uses the most:  (We’ll give you a hint — AND we’ll give you the answer!)

1. What are three ways to improve the sharpness of my photos?

THE THREE LEGS OF YOUR TRIPOD!!!   That’s what Mike often tells people.  He loves the ProMaster XCM-525 Tripod.  It’s small and so compact, it can go anywhere.  But then it expands tall enough, and has the stability to do the kind of photography you want to do.  The tripod folds down to 15”and it extends all the way up to just under six feet!   It comes in either aluminum and carbon fiber.
Order yours here: ProMaster XCM-525 Tripod

2. What Reduces Glare, Increases Color Saturation, and Repels Fingerprints?

The ProMaster HGX Prime Circular Polarizer Filter.  It’ll make your pictures pop.  Crafted for fine lenses, it has 18 layers of anti-reflective coatings.  Plus, it has the “Repellamax Coating” which makes it resistant to dust, fingerprints and smudges.  If you get water on the filter, it will bead right off.  And, it’s super easy to clean.    
Order yours here: HGX Prime Circular Polarizer Filter 

3. Can I Put My Kitchen Sink in it?

We don’t recommend that you put your kitchen sink in the Jasper Halfpack Bag by ProMaster, even though it could possibly fit.  
This bag is a favorite of Mike’s, and he knows what makes for an outstanding camera bag.  He’s always traveling and he’s also always taking photographs.   The bag will fit a camera, lenses, laptop, tripod, work stuff, some clothes, and there’s even a slot on the side for a water bottle.
Order yours here: Jasper Halfpack Bag


4.  How can I get more creative control over my videos and still shots? 

Neutral Density Filter!
A Neutral Density Filter!  Mike gets a lot of use out of the HGX Prime Variable ND Filter by ProMaster.   It is a versatile and convenient way to reduce the amount of light coming through the lens to give you creative control.  An ND filter is the only way to get those creamy shots of a waterfall in bright daylight.  
The ProMaster HGX Prime ND Filter works great for stills as well as video!  The marks along the side of the ring make it easy to get consistent and repeatable results and know exactly how much light you’re filtering out of the camera. It takes the guesswork out of using a variable ND filter!
It is crafted for fine lenses, has 36 coatings, plus the “Repellamax Coating” which makes it resistant to dust, fingerprints and smudges.  
Order yours here: Neutral Density Filter

5. What was I supposed to remember?

A memory card.  Specifically a Rugged Memory Card.  Mike uses the Rugged Memory Cards by ProMaster.  These memory cards are called Rugged for a reason. They are built from a solid piece of plastic, and do not have the areas of construction that are most susceptible to breakage.  They come in an easy-to-find red color, unlike most black memory cards.  Sounds like a small detail, but when you are looking for a memory card that escaped in your bag, and the lining of your bag is black, it can make all the difference in the world.
Order yours here: Rugged Memory Card

6. Will moving a millimeter closer and to the left really make my pictures better?


Yes!  If you’re doing macro photography.  Mike always carries the Macro Focusing Rail in his camera bag just for that reason.   The ProMaster MR1 Macro Focusing Rail gives you the ultimate precision over your macro compositions.  You cannot get the same kind of control by using just a tripod and adjusting your focus ring.  The best macro shots are taken using a focusing rail.  It allows you to move your camera front to back and side to side using gear driven controls.  The lock-down knobs keep your camera steady when you are ready to press the shutter button.
Order yours here: Macro Focusing Rail


7.  Do you have something that will make me not so accident prone?  

Well….yes.  Sort of.  We can’t make you more graceful, but we can keep your lens from being a victim of your misfortune.  Mike has kept his lenses safe with one of his favorite products, a UV filter.  The HGX Prime UV Filter is crafted for fine lenses. Those are the ones you really want to protect.  It is your first line of defense from scratches, dings, dust and worse.  
Order yours here: HGX Prime UV Filter

Thank you, Mike Northrup, for the seven ProMaster products that you carry in your camera bag.  We invite you to come into Horn Photo and shop our line of all ProMaster camera accessories.
If you have any question please email us at
ProMaster makes photography FUN

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