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Holy crap!  This never happens.  

A brand new Sony just came out.  Totally new model.  Full Frame. And it’s compact, but it’s got many of the features of the larger professional models.   Fresh from the manufacturer it will be available to buy AND TAKE HOME!  No waiting lists. 
Every time a new and exciting camera comes out, Horn Photo orders a large number of them, whether it’s a Sony, Canon, Lumix, Leica or Nikon. Our customers are itching to buy them, we’re itching to sell them, then we wait…..and wait……until our manufactures trickle them out to us.  
One      at       a        time.    
It’s frustrating.   You want that new camera smell, and you want it now.   It’s frustrating for us, too. Horn Photo is not being singled out.  This happens at all camera stores when a new camera comes out.  
We are thrilled! This is a first!   THANK YOU SONY!!!
We will receive our entire order of the brand new Sony a7Cs on Thursday October 29!   It’ll be here in time for Christmas.  Hell, it’ll even be here in time for Halloween!
You can come into the store, ask Aaron, Ryan, Daniel, David or one of our other experts to let you check it out, hold it, shoot it, and see how it feels and works.  If you decide to purchase it locally from us, means  you can GET IT NOW!  You can go home with the camera!
No having your name put on a waiting list, and waiting for weeks or waiting for UPS to deliver in month, or two. 

1. What’s different about the Sony a7C?

This is a full-frame camera.  But, it’s compact.  The Sony a7C is the same size as the Sony a6600.   That’s huge.  We mean small.  And unless you have hands the size of Shaquille O’Neal’s, small can be a huge thing.
Size Matters
This camera was fashioned to be compact, lightweight, and portable without compromising genuine full-frame camera performance.  
Here’s the impressive part:  Even though it’s very compact, it has many of the same advanced features as the high end Sony a9 camera used by professional wedding and sports photographers! 

2. How can a small camera be as good as the larger cameras?

Big sensor in a small body.  Sounds a little kinky, but it’s actually physics.  The larger sensor can record more light, allowing for professional quality images while retaining detail in both shadows and highlights.  Sony reconfigured the design and construction to fit the features that the larger Sonys have.

3. Tell me about it’s focusing capabilities?

The SONY a7C shares the same auto focus (AF) advancements as the Sony A9, Sony’s top professional camera model.  It finds the subject quickly and keeps it in steady focus.
It has outstanding auto focus capabilities for both action shots and portraits.
With a total of 693 AF points covering 93% of the image area, the a7C is able to identify and track the subject with lightening speed.
Sony’s smart artificial intelligence based Real-time tracking and Real-time Eye AF allows you to easily take in-focus portraits and action shots.  
It’s easy to activate these features while you’re shooting.  Focus can be maintained even when the face is partially obstructed. Eye focus tracking even works when your subject is wearing eyeglasses.
It also has animal eye tracking! We’ve tested that out and it works great.  However, If your cat is wearing eyeglasses, we have no guarantees.  We have yet to test it out on a nearsighted kitty.

4. How fast does it shoot?

The a7C shoots 10 frames per second with auto focusing.  You don’t ever have to miss a moment, even with fast-moving subjects.  You can press down on the shutter, have 10 focused shots of your subject each second!  Do that for a few seconds and you’re bound to get a picture worthy of the cover of Sports Illustrated.

5.  Can I use it as a video camera?

YBYA.  You Bet Uranus (We just coined that.  It’s going to go viral.)
The Sony a7C excels in video.  Movie quality video.  Here’s where the compact size really pays off.
It has advanced features that will impress the shooter and the viewer.  Perfect for movie production, vlogging, advertising videos, sports and action, nature, low light.  EVERYTHING.
We can tell you more about it, or you can watch this video that was all shot with the a7C.

6. What lenses are available for the a7C?

The Sony a7C has an e mount, same as the other Sony mirrorless cameras.   There are 50 Sony lenses available for the a7C.  Wide angle, zoom and everything in between.  
You can check out what we have right here:
SONY Full-Frame Lenses


7.  How much?  All I want to know is How MUCH?

We thought you’d never ask.  It’s less than most full-frame mirrorless cameras, but more than a disposable film camera.

$1798 for the body. Shop NOW

$2098 for the body and the FE 28-60mm zoom lens.  Shop NOW
Or Shop All Sony Products right HERE

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