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Do you PALLETS OF CASH in a storage facility?  If so, don’t bother reading this.  It’s not for you.  If you have unlimited wealth, you don’t need to read a blog about renting camera equipment. You can buy the equipment, use it once, then throw it over a ravine just for fun. 
If you’re not quite that loaded, AND you love photography, read on, and see if our rental program can benefit you.

Why do our customers rent a lens or camera?  There are two main reasons:

• To use a lens or camera that they need for a short time, such as for a special event or photographic opportunity, butdon’t want to buy.
• To try a lens or camera that they think you want to buy, but aren’t quite sure. Try before you buy.

Horn Photo has rented gear for years

• To professional photographers looking to back up their equipment for important jobs.
• To landscape photographers wanting to try something different.
• To wildlife photographers planning a visit to a wildlife refuge.

Horn Photo rents out equipment ALL THE TIME.  Here are the seven most asked questions about renting cameras and lenses:

1. How is there a deposit, and how does that work?

Before leaving the store with any rental equipment, Horn Photo will make a copy of your driver’s license, and a major credit card.  We use this for collateral for the equipment.  We put a pending hold on your card for the amount equal to the full retail value of the equipment.  That is your deposit.  That hold remains on your credit card for seven to ten days.  Unfortunately, we cannot shorten that term.

2. How much does it cost to rent a camera or a lens?

It entirely depends on the equipment you wish to rent, and how long you are renting it. Pricing starts as low as $20 and goes up from there.  We have all of our pricing listed on our website under Rentals.

3. What happens if I damage or lose the rental equipment?

If the equipment is lost or damaged, you are responsible for replacing or repairing the equipment up to the full retail price of the item(s) lost or damaged.

4. How do I reserve a rental camera and/or a lens?

The easiest way to reserve equipment is on our website under Rentals:
You can also call us or come into the store to reserve the gear.  Once you decide you want to rent a camera and/or a lens, the sooner you reserve it the better.  Our rental program is popular, and we cannot predict what items will be available at any particular time.

5. What do I do if I cannot return a rental on time?

We urge you to return the rental equipment on time, since it may be reserved by another customer who is counting on the equipment.However, if for some reason, you are unable to return a rental on time, call the store and notify our camera staff. We will adjust the rental price.      

6. How long can I keep the rental gear?

You will choose a scheduled pick-up time and a scheduled drop-off time.  24 hour rentals, are just that.  For example, 11:00 AM pick-up,must be returned the next day at 11:00 AM. Weekend rentals are the best value. You pick up your equipment at 11:00 AM on Friday and return it at 11:00AM on the following Monday.  You get a discount by renting during a weekend.

7.  What comes with my rental?

Opportunity!  If you choose to purchase the item you just rented within the next 30 days, you will receive the 24-hour rental price off of the purchase price of the equipment! You cannot lose!  You either save money by not buying a lens or camera you don’t need or like, or you save money when you purchase the lens or camera you are now sure of.
All rental camera bodies come with the camera body cap, two batteries, a battery charger and a camera bag. All rental lenses come with a bag, lens caps and high quality ProMaster HGX Prime UV filters.

What we cannot do:

We cannot rent equipment without a major credit card. We do not rent backgrounds, gels, filters or cinema gear.
Thank you for reading, and happy shooting! If you have any questions please email
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