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Panasonic Lumix users…this blog’s for you!


Whether you are new to Lumix, or a seasoned user, you should be able to get some helpful information from one or more of these videos. They cover specific Lumix cameras that we just so happen to sell at Horn Photo.  
What if you have a Panasonic that is not covered on one of these videos?  Well, come on into our store and buy our most expensive model, just so you can watch and follow along with one of these videos!  Our favorite pastime at Horn Photo is selling cameras and getting some of your money.
We have found that the most comprehensive video tutorials on how to use your Lumix cameras are by:
1.      Michael Andrew (aka Michael the Maven)
2.      Tony Northrup  
3.      Graham Houghton
4.      Marlene Hielema
5.      Suzette Allen
Michael Andrew
Michael Andrew is a science based photography instructor, and is not sponsored by any company.  His videos are long and very thorough, but start at the basic of basics before getting into the how’s and why’s.  He provides demonstrations that are relevant to your being able to learn, understand and retain information.  He suggests that you have your camera handy and and follow along at times so you can see for yourself the way the camera works.  
Michael does spend a few moments promoting his own educational courses in photography, and there are commercial ads throughout his tutorial that can be skipped after five seconds.  These interruptions are a small price to pay of your time for the abundant information you will get about how to operate your camera. 
Tony Northrup
Tony Northrup is a popular video instructor, who has written a number of books on photography. The amount of in depth information he gives depends on the complexity of the camera.  
His videos include short ads, that you can skip after a few seconds.  All of his videos are easy to fast forward through a part that you already know or aren’t interested in.  Each new section starts with a noticeable graphic title of the topic.  Tony gives a fair amount of detail in many of the sections. It’s best to get too much information than not enough.  
His feelings won’t be hurt if you fast forward him. He won’t even know.
WARNING!!!!!  Tony Northrup gives suggestions on products.
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Graham Houghton
Graham Houghton has been making comprehensive video tutorials on different cameras and photography tips for decades.  He is not affiliated with any camera company. Graham is a British guy that says “zed” for “z”.  That’s what they say in the UK, so get over it.  He also has a unique manner of speaking.  You may feel like you are listening to a nature video where the host is crouched down in the rainforest quietly explaining the mating rituals of the Rufous-necked Hornbill.  Please understand one thing.   The guy puts out worth while information.  It’s way better than reading the manual.
Marlene Hielema
Marlene Hielema, aka Image Maven.  Yes, that’s right…THE ImageMaven.  The one you’ve heard about your entire adult life.  (Okay…we’ve never heard of her either.)  Marlene is a Lumix lover, but not in a weird creepy way. She is a photographer and instructor and has put out some comprehensive video tutorials on photography and Lumix.
Suzette Allen is a well-known instructor in the photographic industry.  She has been an international speaker for photography conventions and the recipient of many imaging awards. She travels around the country giving workshops on photography, Lightroom and Photoshop.  She is a Lumix Ambassador.  
But wait…..there’s more.  We’ve also snuck in a link to Panasonic’s webpage that contains some great videos containing tips and also meant to inspire your creativity.

Here are the videos tutorials:  

1. How do I use my Lumix G7 camera?  

Here is a one hour and 18 minute video by Tony Northrup on the LumixGH4.  Wait, what??? The GH4?!  Why does the title say GH4?  Just calm down.  The G4 and G7 operate in the same way.  
Tony starts with the very basics, then goes into more advanced topics.  He starts each new topic with an easy to read title, so it’s easy to scrub through the stuff you already know,and get to the exciting new-to-you stuff.  
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2. How do I use my Lumix G9 camera?  

Here are four and a half hours of video tutorials broken up into 31 bite size pieces, presented by Malene Hielema, The Image Maven.  Watch the ones you want to learn, and leave the others to collect dust in cyberspace. Marlene does an outstanding job of explaining and demonstrating the features of your G9 and how to operate them.  

This link will provide you with access to all 31 of her G9 tutorials:
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3. How do I use my Lumix GX85 and G85 camera?  (Also good for GX9 owners)

Prepare to be underwhelmed by this video, but not the camera.  We scoured the World Wide Web and the Dark Web for a good comprehensive video tutorial on the Lumix GX85.  There isn’t one.  So we have the best Better-Than-Nothing video that we could find. 
The video features Heather from Shutterbug 101, who spends a little under 40 minutes detailing the GX85. Heather has been a professional photographer for over a decade, and has been teaching photography related subjects for about three years. Heather creates instructional videos with no budget or help.  That is painfully evident.  Also painfully evident is that she has no budget for a manicure.  
Just be grateful, dammit. Heather does these videos out of the kindness of her heart.  
This is basically a walk through of your camera.  Matter-of-fact, it is aptly titled, “Walk through of the GX85 and G85”.  No false advertising there.  
Heather spends the first part of the video explaining the functions of each of the buttons, dials, thingamajigs and ports.  It is helpful and worthwhile.  You will learn from it.  
A little over halfway through the video, Heather starts going over the menu items.  She reads each one, but doesn’t demonstrate how to use them.  We know she knows how, but for some reason, she’s holding out!  Maybe she was getting tired of making the video and started hating her life.  So, when the video takes this ugly turn, we recommend that you leave the room and do something worthwhile.  
This video also applies to the newer GX9.  The GX85 and the GX9 operate in the same way, however, the GX9 has more advanced capabilities.  
What?  You don’t have a GX9 yet?  How embarrassing.  Come on into Horn Photo, give us a chunk of money, and we will give you the honor of upgrading to a GX9.  
Enjoy some dessert!  Since the main course of the above tutorial leaves you hungry, we have included a six-course dessert with this meal.  It is the Lumix Training Circuit by Suzette Allen, and is applicable to all Lumix cameras.  Suzette just so happens to be using the GX85 during her demonstrations.  The Circuit Training  includes six short videos, each under three minutes.  It is fun and informative, so dig in.
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4. How do I use my Lumix G5 and G95 camera?

Tony Northrup’s hour and a half video covers everything you need to know about how to use your Lumix G5. This video tutorial also applies to the Lumix G95, although the G5 has a few more advanced video features.  Tony covers some basics of photography, explaining and demonstrating fundamentals such depth of field, capturing motion, etc.
Tony does a great job of explaining how to use your camera, and what all of the doohickeys on the camera are for. He also gives you helpful links to his suggestions for accessories.  For God’s sake, DON’T DO THAT!  You have a link right at your fingertips to purchase these same types of items from your friendly neighborhood mom and pop camera store—-HORN PHOTO!  Matter of fact, you’re on the link now.  Just leave the blog page and go to our products page!

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5. How do I use my Lumix S1 and S1-R camera?

Michael Andrew does a great job of demonstrating how to use your Lumix S1 camera in this under two-hour video tutorial.  You will be an expert after watching this video.
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6. How do I use my Lumix ZS200 camera?  

We present for your viewing pleasure, a series of video tutorials by Graham Houghton.  This particular series of video tutorials on the ZS200 totals 3 hours, but is broken up into nine separate videos.  He goes from basic to advanced.  Here is the first in the nine-part series that will take you to all of the others in the series.

7. How do I use my Lumix FZ300 camera?

This is a 7-partvideo tutorial by Graham Houghton.  It starts out very basic, as if you are just taking your camera out of the box.  That may be great for some of you and not so great for others.  If you are among the others, skip the first video and move on to the next one where Graham gets into the meat of the matter.
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8. How do I use the modes and features on my Lumix camera?

(This applies to all Lumix cameras)
This is a 6-partvideo tutorial by Suzette Allen, Lumix Ambassador.  She covers a number of different cool features available on all Lumix cameras. Each video is under three minutes long.
Suzette puts on workshops all over the country.  We have been lucky enough to have had her at Horn Photo on several different occasions. We recorded some of our favorites.
This link will take you to all of the videos.  But, if you scroll down a little further, you’ll see a link and description for each separate video.
iA Mode Intelligent Auto can identify what you’re taking a picture of, and automatically uses the proper settings. Whether you are taking a portrait, a birthday cake, a close-up of a flower, or a night scene, your Lumix will recognize it when it’s on the iA mode.  This video is under two minutes.
Focus Peaking & Creative Filters
Suzette demonstrates two features of the all Lumix cameras in this video.  Have you ever thought you had something in focus, but it could have been much sharper?  Suzette demonstrates how you can use the Focus Peaking feature to remove all doubt of what’s in focus.  This two minute video also shows the Creative Filters available that can make your images look retro, pop with color, have starbursts, and all sorts of fun stuff. Check it out.
4K Video Mode - Get still photos from an action video!
You can video a sports event, or even a wild grizzly bear attacking a camper, and pull out still images from the video!  You still have the video, but you also have high quality amazing shots that you can’t get any other way.  Suzette will show you how in this one-and-a-half minute video.
Shutter and Aperture Mode
Demystify Shutter Mode and Aperture Mode forever.  Watch this two minute video and see with your own eyes how Shutter and Aperture Modes can work for you.  Suzette uses a fan to show you the difference between fast and slow shutter speeds. You’ll see what happens.  She also uses a bouquet of flowers to show you the difference that aperture can make in what you have in focus (depth of field).
Manual Mode and Zebras - Let the ZEBRAS be your guide to better pictures
Suzette demonstrates the Manual Mode in this one-and-a-half minute video, and how using the Zebras feature can give you a fool proof way to get the proper exposure.  Zebras are flashing lines that guide you to the best exposure settings.  She will show you how to turn the zebra function on, and also off.
Portrait Mode  
Suzette demonstrates several tricks that she uses to get the perfect lighting, exposure, focus and depth of field in her portrait photography with her Lumix.  This video is about three minutes.

9. Browse the bonus videos from the Panasonic Lumix YouTube channel.

This is a link to a large number of videos that Panasonic has produced.  It is worth your while to browse through these.  There are some very specific how-to videos on a number of different Lumix features.  The videos are short and you will quickly see if the video will teach you anything or merely try to entice you to buy their camera.  If you are reading this, then you already have one of their cameras, and just want to know how to use the features.

That’s it for now!  Thanks for reading.  

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