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Stan and I just became grandparents — for the first time! We are so excited. People want to see pictures of our new grandson, and we are proud to show them off! We just put together a Brag Book.Anyone can do this. It’s simple and inexpensive. Do you want to impress and bring smiles to family and friends? It’s so much better than showing pictures from your phone. Your photo print album can be of a new baby, a child’s gymnastic competition, your daughter’s wedding, or maybe it’s your vacation pictures from Hawaii.
Here are the steps that will help you put together your Brag Book.

1. How do I get my photos?

Our example is when our first grand baby was born, there were lots of group texts. Pictures and comments from all sorts of folks. It was fun. So, whatever you do, don’t delete these fun texts. Save each photo that you like. Saving your pictures: This is simpler that you may think. If there is a photo you love in a text, just tap it, click the arrow and save the picture to your photos on your phone. Sorting which ones to print: Let a little time go by. For some ofyou that’s an hour, and others, it’s a week. Then sit down for a moment and look through your pictures. Tap the heart on the ones you like. This saves the photo into your ‘Favorites’. If you’re more tech savvy, you can create a special folder and save them there. It’s your call. Either way, the images that you love will be easy to retrieve.

2. How do I print my photos?

Once you have accumulated a group of photos that you would like to include in your book, use your phone and go to Then click on the “Order Prints Online” button. Next, select the photos you want printed, follow the
prompts and order the pictures directly from your phone! It’s easy. You can choose to have the prints delivered to your home, or pick them up in the store.

3. What do I do with the photo prints?

Once you receive your prints, put them in a little photo album. Choose a simple, inexpensive one. We have them available at the store in soft cover and hard cover. Then you can go over to Sierra Nut House have a snack, and put your book together. Or
go home and do it after dinner and a glass of wine. The main thing is to do it! Don’t toil over the order. Just get them in the
book. If you decide that want something more elegant, you can create a photo book and have your images printed directly on to the pages of the book that you design! It can be done on our website.

4. What do I do with the Photo Print Album?

Show it off! Carry it with you. Take it to family get-togethers. People love to see prints these days.Then, keep it in a safe place, because years from now, it will be one of your most valuable possessions. Be prepared. You might have to give this book to someone.That’s why it’s a good idea to have another set of prints ready to build another Brag Book!
The most important thing is to get your favorite pictures off of your
phone and into something that you can pass around and share
with your friends!
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