Clicking Caravan Big Hit


What a GREAT night!!! Watch the video to see what happened in Downtown Fresno last Thursday, January 30th. Horn Photo’s Clicking Caravan was at Heartbeat Boxing. Their boxers and our photographers came together and had one hell of
a party! You could feel the excitement it in the building.
This is what Fresno is all about. Locals of all backgrounds, ages and interests joining together for a night of pure joy. Heartbeat Boxing knows how to host a Clicking Caravan party for photographers, along with a DJ and heart-thumping music. It’s hard to know where to begin with the highlights of the evening.
There was:
• Non-Stop Boxing Matches
• Flash Photography
• Historic Building
• Vintage Fresno Memorabilia
• 1970s Theme
• Vintage Cars
• Models
• Nationally Recognized Motorcycle Racers
• Prizes Worth Over $1100
Non-Stop Boxing Matches With Flash Allowed!
When can you ever shoot boxers using flash photography? NEVER!!! Except at Clicking Caravan. Heartbeat Boxing allowed our photographers to use their electronic flash units, so that they were able to stop the action. There were great shots of the faces of the fighters, full of emotion.
Once the first fight got underway, the action didn’t stop until our event was ending. With the large number of Heartbeat Boxing members, we got to photograph dozens of bouts with all different boxers, young and old, male and female. No two were alike.
The Building
The Judy Tobacco Building, was a thriving tobacco and candy distribution company in the 1940s. It’s a rare intact example of Art Deco commercial architecture in Fresno. Gilbert and Lourdes Ruiz have renovated it and turned it into an upscale yet comfortable and inviting gym focusing on boxing. Made of brick and glass blocks, it is an architectural and visual delight to photograph.
Vintage Fresno Neon Signs and Church Doors
Remember Angelo’s Drive In? Haven’t seen the sign in awhile? That’s because it’s in Heartbeat Boxing. There’s other vintage
Fresno memorabilia in there as well, including a set of huge doors from an old Catholic Church. It may sound out of place, but it works!
1970s Revisited
Gilbert Ruiz, co-owner of Heartbeat Boxing, is famous in the Valley boxing scene. In the 1970’s he and his two brothers were the first three members of the Sanger Boxing Club. He won every fight, the old fashioned way, without protective gear! There was one special fight in the 70’s that made him locally famous, and a champ. During Clicking Caravan, he set up a reenactment of that fight with his son, Valentino, playing his part. The clothing, the spectators, were all dressed like they stepped right out of the1970s! The local thrift stores must have had a run on bell bottoms, leather vests and head bands.
Vintage and Antique Cars, Plus Models
The back alley at Heartbeat Boxing, nestled between two brick buildings, has a ton of character. It is straight out of the 1930s.
Add to that, two cars, also from the 1930s, plus a couple of beautiful models (who were NOT FROM THE 1930s), and you have a photographer’s paradise.

Motorcycle Drag Racers Chris Rivas and Cayla Rivas
Fresno’s nationally recognized father and daughter NHRA motorcycle drag racers were there along with their record breaking motorcycles that they competed with at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Chris Rivas V-Twin shop is across the street from Heartbeat Boxing, and makes specialized parts and engines for motorcycles.
At the end of all of our Clicking Caravans, Horn Photo gives away prizes. We have a drawing that includes the name of everyone who registered for the event. As with all free events, not everyone who registers shows up. Winners must be present to receive prizes. Horn Photo gave away a $200 ProMaster flash, plus a $100 gift certificate and two $50 gift certificates. Heartbeat Boxing gave away OVER $700 worth of gym memberships! All together, we gave away over $1100 in prizes!

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