Fresno Air Power on display

A Chat With Dave About the New Sony a1

I Met Dave and Ryan in the morning for some plane-talk.

I had a chance to hang out with Dave Rhodes, our region’s Sony Tech Rep, and Ryan Watamura from our local camera shop while they waited for fighter jets to fly past us near the airport. They brought along the Sony Alpha 1 and we had a great time talking about the new camera and taking a few photos of the jets as they took off from the runway. Dave was kind enough to answer some questions I had about Sony’s flagship mirrorless camera. Thanks again to Ryan at Horn Photo and Dave at Sony for letting me tag along and check out the Alpha 1.

Watch my interview at the Fresno Air National Guard - Yosemite International Airport FAT

Here are just a few of Ryan's shots on a gloomy Central Valley Morning in February.

Yes, these are a little dull. It was a grey morning in Central Fresno. No sun until the afternoon. This bird happened over and zippy-do-da...quick snaps caught birdy in flight. Focus Pocus! ~Dave
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