Florence Avenue Walk

These will make you smile!

You will find the most imaginative artwork on a three block stretch of a residential street in Sepastopol California.

Two artists who live on Florence Avenue have provided all of their neighbors with yard art, made out of junk. You may think this is not a neighborly thing to do, but when you see their creations, you will be amazed and intrigued. Artist Patrick Amiot creates scultpures out of recycled junk, and his wife paints them with bright colors.  These metal characters look like they just stepped out of a cartoon.

Be prepared to walk through this neighborhood with a big smile on your face, anxious to see what's next.

  • Four hours northwest of Fresno, 15 minutes west of Santa Rosa
  • Parking: Free
  • Walking required

Photo Tips

Take a wide angle lens, or a versatile wide to zoom lens.

Florence Avenue Walk