Fresno City Sign

Horn Photo gives the Fresno City Sign Three Stars

Fresno The Best Little City in the USA. Perhaps this is arguable. But the sign says it, so it’s got to be true. This is one of Fresno’s most iconic images, and easy to photograph. The irony is not lost in the image. For those of us who know and love Fresno, we realize that the area where the sign is does not include a vision of paradise. That’s one reason why it might be best to photograph this sign at night, unless it’s irony that you’re after.

  • Located in Fresno - Corner of Van Ness and Railroad Ave.
  • Open all year.
  • No walking required.

Photo Tips

Take a tripod and a wide angle zoom lens. Watch for cars and trains. There’s not a lot of traffic and trains, unless you’re trying to take a picture.

Fresno City Sign