American Flag Barn

For a quick and easy fun picture of one of the areas most iconic buildings, all you have to do is take a short drive up Highway 41 on the northeast corner off Avenue 12.  The American Flag Barn.  You can’t miss it.  Turn east on Avenue 12, and you’ll be out of traffic.  There’s plenty of places to walk around the barn to get shots of it along with a beautiful background of pasture, rolling hills and the snowcapped Sierras.

The barn has a different feel to it depending on the seasons and the weather. This is a place where you can quickly go and shoot when you see big puffy clouds against a deep blue sky, or even misty light fog.

For a real adventure, photograph the American Flag Barn at night during a full moon, or during a thunderstorm.

Here's another idea...Use the well known American Flag Barn as a backdrop for creative portraiture!

  • 15 minutes north of Fresno on Highway 41
  • No entry fee
  • Requires no walking
  • Best time to go:  Early morning, late afternoon, and anytime during cloudy weather

Photo Tips

Bring a tripod, and a wide angle lens.  You’ll want to get in as much of the building as you can, along with the background.  Walk around and get the best angle for the time of day.

American Flag Barn