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Zakk Reed

Lab Technician

A guitar-playing car guy that’s obsessed with photography and hanging out in the darkroom.

Zakk developed a passion for photography during high school. He blames it on an elective class that he didn't like, so he transferred to a photography class simply because his friends were in it. Little did he know how much he would fall in love with photography.

He started the first semester in the darkroom, and then never left it. He would go there during lunch, and after school. After two years of photography in high school, he set up a darkroom in his house. He loves the process of developing film and the art of printing. If you’re looking for Zakk, and you can’t find him, then look in his darkroom - BUT KNOCK FIRST!!! Don’t let any light in!

When Zakk is not engaged with photography, he is enjoying one of his other two hobbies: Music and cars. He’s been playing guitar and writing music since he was 8 years old. He also loves working on cars. He’s rebuilt the engine on his 1970 GMC truck two times, since “one can never have enough horsepower.”

Zakk’s favorite subject for his photography is none other than cars! With his diverse interests and talents, Zakk is one really interesting guy, and Horn Photo is lucky to have him on our team!

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