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Tristan Quiram

Lab Tech

Missouri Ozarks, the Central Valley, country fried steak and curry

Tristan grew up around professional photography in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri and in California's Central Valley. His love for photography has never left him.

He co-founded the Photography Club at his high school back in the early teens (that's 20-teens, not the early 1900's!). Tristan has continued his education in film and television production at the university level.

When Tristan is not in our lab, he stays active playing tabletop games with friends and family. He also writes short stories, films and music.

Tristan is passionate about other things besides photography, film and music. He has two cats, Tybirius and Bishop. Plus, he loves country fried steak and curry. Keep onions away from him. He's not a fan.

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