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Shelly Grosz & Stan Grosz

Owner & President

How does a cow expert and an Ag financial consultant end up creating the most successful camera store in the entire Central Valley? That's an excellent question. It has a good answer, but it would take way too long to explain.

Let's just say, that the cow expert, Stan, mixed his cow knowledge with his passion for photography, and became the nation's top cow photographer during the 70's and 80's (yes there is such a thing). Meanwhile, the financial consultant, Shelly, knew all about dollars and cents, making her a natural for the world of business. Together, they took a chance and bought Horn Photo, a camera store out on Belmont Avenue, that had been around since 1937.

They grew Horn Photo into what it is today. A 6000 square foot modern camera store with 23 employees. Not only are Stan and Shelly business partners, they are also partners in life. Married in 1982, they have two very successful grown children, Samantha and Sullivan. They also have a prize winning Great Dane, Charlie. You may not have recognized Samantha or Sullivan in the store, but surely you've recognized Charlie. He's the one with the four legs.

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