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Sharon Kille Jenkins

Customer Service and Photo Specialist

Do you recognize Sharon? You may have seen her on TV!  

Sharon has had a camera in her hand since she was eight years old.  She's replaced her Brownie Instamatic with more modern cameras. She currently uses a Sony, which she always has with her.  For Sharon, Life IS a photo op!  She won’t hesitate to pull off the side of the road, make a U-turn, or take the road less traveled to get a photo.  Trees, sunsets, flowers, insects, the moon, thunderstorms, gargoyles, old cemeteries, dogs, kids, and everything in between.   Whenever she’s taken off the beaten path to take photos, she calls this her ‘time with God’ and feels that He leads her towards His creations, simple details and welcome surprises, that others probably walk past.

Sharon has as fascinating work history, dating from the early 1980s. She got her first job at 17 operating a camera for the local CBS-TV affiliate.  By the time she graduated from high school, she was creating and producing a late night TV show, “Scream Theatre”, as well as shooting other TV shows, commercials, and promotional spots.  She hosted her own  movie review show on cable TV for 17 years! She also shot and edited a bunch of Horn Photo’s television ads. Through the years, Sharon has worked for CBS, NBC, ABC, Cable TV, where she helped launch MTV, Univision and My Network to local viewers.

All the while that Sharon was working in TV, she was still constantly shooting with her still camera.  Many of her photos have been featured in news stories, commercials and as local TV station IDs.  

Sharon’s home reflects her love and her passions.  Every surface in her home, every space on her walls is filled with beautifully framed photos of her family.   Her house is also loaded with posters and collectibles from her favorite TV shows:  Bewitched, Leave It To Beaver, The Twilight Zone, and just about any show with a Halloween theme.

Come into Horn Photo and see Sharon.  She is happy to share her expertise on anything related to photography, videography, photo restoration and frame selection.  Or just come in and talk with her about her storied career in television!  

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